Friday, September 16, 2011

Gift for our children.

Have you thought of giving your child a gift? I am sure you did thought of that. In fact, many times rite?


Have you give it a thought of what kind of gift for your child? A birthday gift? A toy? A watch? A house? Or a life long gift? How about a gift that can last a life time?


You will certainly choose a gift that can last a life time, rite? If there's any such gifts. In my opinion, there is.


What is a life long gift that is worth giving? Is it a collectible watch? Is it diamonds? Is it gold? Is it cash money? Is it an apartment? Is it a house? Is it a business?

Hmm... What can the most valuable, life-long gifts be?

In my opinion, from my personal experience, it's the soft skills. Skills that cannot be learnt from books. Skills that need time to nurture. Soft skills can include communications, analytical, memory, creativity, leadership. If you ask me which one will I choose if I were to choose only one, I will choose communications. Which will you choose?

Over the years of running businesses and attending seminars, and interacting with people from all walks of life, I realised that communication skill is the most important. Let me give you a few examples why is it the most important.

Doctors who are more successful and popular have great communication skills as compared to those who are less skillful. Lawyers who are more successful and popular also have great communication skills. Salesman who can communicate better than the rest are more successful. Lecturers who can communicate better are very good lecturers. Here, in this context, I am measuring success with money and popularity. Don't you agree that we need to communicate with people no matter what we do in life? Be it entrepreneur, CEOs, managers, engineers, accountants, lawyers, doctors, etc.

By giving our children good communication skills, according to Prof. Shichida, they are listened to and their needs met, hence emotionally more stable. Having good communication skills, when the child goes to school, he/she will be well accepted and liked by the teachers and classmates, hence become more popular and being given opportunity in other areas. When the children can communicate well, being listened to, their confidence in themselves improve too.

Now, how to give this gift of superb communication skill to our children?

Very good question...

Great communication skills come from practice! Provide them with more opportunity to communicate will sharpen their communication skills.

We, as parents, need to improve ourselves too in order to be able to guide our children better. In everything we do, is about having the opportunity. I feel lucky that I am with Esabee. The business itself gives me the opportunity to improve my communication skills, cos it's a people's business. Every businesses is people business, cos we can only sell to people, not machines. But in Esabee, there is a system that can guide us in the right path in improving ourselves, coupled with more money into our bank account. By following a system, it's definitely faster. There's a monthly seminar that is very cheap, and I am learning from multi-, multi-, multi-millionaire! I will attend it every month without fail cos it's very affordable and value for money. By having better communication skills, I build confidence in myself too. I think I am on the right track, cos some of my friends commented that I am a more confident person than I was before. With me being more confident, I have better knowledge in how to nurture more confident children. By improving myself, I am improving my children's life.

In Esabee, I am moving up the leadership ladder. I can change more lives and upgrade more families' life, through empowerment and self-improvement. Let me share with you a story about one of a mother from my organization.

Let me identify her name as P. P is a full-time working mother with 2 children. She's in a very busy career of advertising and marketing with a MNC. I got to know her from Facebook, where she was trying to sell things to me. Two years' ago when I met up with her, P was in financial crisis. But she still started the business with Esabee. At the beginning, while still learning the rope of the business, there's more downs than ups, but she persisted on and grow with the system. Now, her kids are attending more than 5 enrichment classes, which she could not afford before. Esabee is indeed the easiest business. And a few days ago, she told me that her name card has travelled as far as Arizona! Esabee will be an international business, cos it has products that everyone wants. We are currently focusing in Singapore and Malaysia only. Esabee has certainly upgraded P's and her children's life.

Lastly, I can only help those who are willing. Follow me if you want to upgrade your and your children's life. Come on the journey with me in Esabee. My Facebook is Linna Ung. I am still figuring out how to go on Twitter and QQ.


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