Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shichida kindergarten.

It's marketed as a "mini university". hmm... perhaps.
I would say they are more settled than the first few weeks. The teachers know what to do now.
Aloysius still loves to attend school. He only has 5 other classmates. It is small, but is good for him. I hope this small group will last longer. hahaha... So take your time to search around ok? Don't join SK so soon :p The teachers in the nursery classes and K1 classes also know the kids in the Pre-N class. There's a close bonding between the kids and teachers. Aloysius now know how to remove and wear his shoes on his own. He feeds himself in school. I know these are nothing fantastic to talk about. He knows all his teachers. Some of his classmates were toilet trained by the teachers. They get to play with all the IQ genius, noddy fun book, etc from the Tensai shop everyday. I was thinking even if I buy all those games from Tensai, I might not have the time to play togather with Aloysius. I am glad that the playing and teaching of those IQ games were outsourced to his teachers :) kekeke... Oh yes, I had a taste of doing homework with him last weekend! It takes a lot of discipline for mommy here to get the homework done.
Two days ago, I asked his Shichida method teacher in the kindergarten about his progress. I was told to let him play more playdoh and expose him more to writing. This is something that I will start working on. I gotta strengthen his fingers. hmm... I remember from Glen Doman books, brachiation is good for writing too. Since mommy here haven't been very successful in brachiation, I gotta find some other ways. Any suggestion? His language is fine though.
Ok, I think I better stop here. I am not in the mood to write... No deep feelings to write about... :) I better go and prepare the flashcards for tomorrow. Good night...


Blogger NanamiPS said...

Hi, I would like to buy the Tensai IQ Genius wood block for my daughter. However, I found out that they only sell to Shichida students. I wish I could send her but I am from Sarawak, Malaysia. There is no Shichida school here. I wonder whether you can help to buy the IQ Genius game for me? I'm now having a holiday in Singapore, staying at Woodland. My email is Plz let me know how can I purchase the item? Maybe u can help me to call up the school and I go and pay + collect the item? Plz advice Thank you very much! Hope to hear from u soon! ^^

Sunday, November 13, 2011 10:19:00 PM  
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