Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trip to Bali.

It has been some time since I wrote. I have been very busy with life. After going through a few courses and coaching, I realized the time I spent online is a form of avoidance for me. I have successfully stop surfing the web daily. On top of that, I do not have much time for surfing the web. Sometimes, I do not even have time for emails.

We just came back from Bali. It was a magical and wonderful experience till I do not feel like coming home already. We went to Bali for my sister’s wedding. It was indeed a magical wedding comes true for her, according to her. Everything was put together nicely and smoothly by her wedding planner. Two nights before the wedding was a big surprise with a night stay in a villa at Bulgari resort. And not forgetting a sumptuous dinner at the restaurant inside the resort. I was pampered with a creatively decorated main course of foie gras and duck breast too, followed by a beautifully decorated dessert. My hubby and I reached the villa when the couple already in the villa. We managed to catch a short moment of a guitarist playing and singing as we entered into the villa. The bathroom is bigger than my room at home! And the bathtub was filled and decorated with sweet scented rose petals and orchids. Wow! It was very romantic indeed. Plus the beautiful scenery of the sea in front of the villa was awesome. Only my sis and her hubby stayed at the Bulgari villa, and the rest went back to B Villa for the night. We left the kids at B Villa when we went to Bulgari resort for dinner. This place is more for couples. My ABC only get to go there for a while when they are checking out the next day. Of course, we remembered to take a family photo.

After checking out from Bulgari resort, we checked into a villa at St. Regis together with my parents. It was about an hour drive away. The wedding ceremony was at St. Regis instead of Bulgari due to the capacity we wanted. We were expecting about 60 very close friends and close relatives at the wedding. The villa is bigger than the one at Bulgari. We were really pampered with the efficient butler service. ABC got to stay there for a night. 5 of us fit comfortably on the super king sized bed. Oh yes, we also tasted the delicious French ice cream at the Gourmet Deli. The villa was big enough with lots of space for Aloysius to run around, and Bernice and Charlene to creep around and explore the new surrounding. They had lots of fun there. Uncle Donald brought Aloysius to the beach to play with the sand and the sea water too. Mommy here did not even get the chance to go to the beach. I was busy with some of the preparation for the wedding the next day. Breakfast at St. Regis was extremely sumptuous. There are dishes like foie gras, sashimi, oyster… gulp… too much for me for breakfast.

The couples got a night’s stay at “Cloud Nine” villa, which is just beside the chapel. They checked into “Cloud Nine” early in the morning. We had all the play on the brothers before proceeding to B Villa for tea ceremony, where most of the relatives were already waiting. After the tea ceremony, we had a treat at Trattoria for lunch. Everything went smoothly.

At about 5pm, the wedding ceremony started in the chapel. The chapel is very nicely located by the beach with 4 sides of see through glass. The chapel is facing the sea, and surrounded with water. It was very beautifully decorated with fresh flowers, and fresh rose petals by the aisle. It was indeed a magical wedding ceremony. Towards the end of the wedding ceremony, the sun started to set. It was wonderful to experience to see the sun setting on the right side of the chapel, and the full moon rising from the left side of the chapel. Wow… It was like experiencing something that I had only read in fairytale.

After the wedding ceremony, there’s an half an hour fire dancing show. Aloysius enjoyed singing and playing with the drums before the start of the show. While the guests were enjoying the show, the tables and buffet line were being set up. The place was being re-decorated for the dinner. It was very beautiful and romantic to have fresh flowers and candles floating on the water.

Overall, the whole wedding was magical, unforgettable and beautiful, though it was the first time for St. Regis Bali to hold such a big wedding. The head chef from France was also there to oversee the buffet spread. The whole trip makes me wanna have a renewal of vow. Not only me, most of my relatives also want to "get married again"!

I think for this kind of feeling for all the guests in a wedding, an excellent wedding planner is needed. My sis dream wedding is created by "Sedan of Love".

Aloysius, Bernice and Charlene enjoyed their stay in Bali as much as we did. Home sweet home


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