Monday, October 10, 2011

Positive energy come come...

Lately, I have been emotionally affected after reading a blog about a brave little girl of 6 year old, fighting against cancer, and she's now fighting against the side effects of chemotherapy. The mother is a single mother with two kids. At first, I just read it becos I was curious. Then I felt that I want to help the family and felt a little bit of the pain that the mother is going through. Being a mother myself, it pains me to read how a young child gotta suffer the pain of surgeries, one after another, and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. It was indeed emotionally draining for the mother. The mother seems to have given up hope in finding a miracle cure for her gal and fight the disease with her gal. There's lots of negativities whereby people tell her to just to let her gal go. I think those remarks made by concern public, really make her believe get smaller. I was very attracted to read the blog and followed the blog for the last few days. I think I gotta stop reading the blog for a while. It is making my imagination runs wild though.

I gotta reflect on myself. Hence, I started to ask myself this morning, why am I attracting negative energies lately? Maybe because my little D has an enlarged lymph node, and fell sick last week, and I am tired and worried. Positive energies come come... Bad energies go away. This morning, when I showered D, his enlarged lymph node got a lot smaller :)

I am in the process of training how to control my mind and my thoughts better. It takes a lot of discipline though. Let me share with you one tip from the CD.

"My power to think thoughts is my power to create my life, and I have the power to think whatever thoughts I desire."
That's great, isn't it?

Last night, after attending a seminar by Mr. Arthur and Mei, I had the opportunity to have a late dinner with them. We had conversations in a group. One thing that caught my attention was "see the end in mind" even when we are nurturing our children. Well, Mr. Arthur said many times in his seminars before that to achieve our goals, we gotta "see the end in mind". But it did not occur to me that I gotta do that when nurturing and guiding my children. Their eldest son is 17 this year, and cannot wait to be in SAB business. He wants to study law, and he will be paying for his own overseas education. Mr. Arthur and Mei saw the end in their mind for their children already. Mr. Arthur shared with us that their children will be leaders developing leaders in SAB, reaching out to the ordinary people. Wow!

I recalled that a few years ago, when I made a decision that I will embark on the journey with the Shichida program, I saw an end in mind, which is when my children go to Primary 1, they need not go for anymore enrichment nor tuition classes. It will be a choice for them to go for enrichment classes, not a need. Starting from Primary 1, I will not have to keep asking them to do their homework, nor they need to spend a lot of time in memorizing their spelling and dictation. And when writing composition, creative ideas will just flow to them easily. Hence, I started teaching them from birth. When they reach Primary 1, it will be other areas of development, such as, leadership, competition, managing money. Mommy here quite stressed, cos I gotta be a good leader myself, then my children can be good leaders. Aloysius is going into Primary 1 in slightly more than one year's time though.

After the seminar and the conversations, I realised that I gotta "see the end in mind" further for my children. You know what, I followed Prof. Shichida when Aloysius was about 2 months old, that it's very important for parents to have a dream for our children. I have created a dream that Aloysius, Bernice, Charlene and Darius will be their self-made millionaire by the age of 18. I did the "dreams input" daily for 1 year. I am quite relax with Darius though. I better buck up again in the "dreams input" for Darius.

In order for me to create or see a bigger dream for my children, I gotta have a bigger dream myself. I am grateful that I get to rub shoulders with Mr. Arthur and Mei, and they really expand my mind. If you want to rub shoulders with Mr. Arthur and Mei, you still have a great chance. What you need to do is to make a decision to join me in SAB business and follow the system to achieve some small success, and you will get noticed, and with me being able to link you up, it's a much faster route.

Mr. Arthur and Mei used to lead a team of 100,000 people in their prime. Thousands of people used to queue up in the cold winter just to get their signature. They were already semi-retired before they decided to come ot of retirement to build SAB. He's building a team in SAB. Not a normal team of business people, but a team of business leaders. Not 1, not 2 leaders, but a team of leaders. He's created a system in SAB, and through his system, he had created a turnover of more than $50 million in the last 3 years. People who have been in businesses before know that for this kind of turnover for a new company, it's not easy, is it?

Ok, gotta go... Flashcards time for Darius.


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