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Happiness - Does it exist?

Recently, I have been listening to tapes by John Kehoe. In his view, happiness does not exist. It's in the inner world. We live in two worlds - inner world and outer world. Wah... Chim eh? I also find it chim. kekeke... I am sure there's lots to talk about when it comes to defining "happiness". My definition might not agree with your definition. My definition comes from my life experiences, and my life journey. My definition of happiness might change as I grow wiser too :)

Lately, I have been meeting many with broken marriages. Is it unhappiness that lead to divorces? Probably. hmm... I have a "perfect" family and a "perfect" husband and a "perfect" relationship. Friends around who know both me and my husband will look to us for a "happy" and "ideal" marriage and family. We are like their model for a "perfect" marriage and family life. In the beginning when I met divorcee, I thought "Is the universe telling me to watch out my own marriage? Will I end up like them?" I was a little bit shaken and lost. But not for long, luckily. After meeting a handful, I felt that the universe is sending me a message to strengthen my relationship with my husband further and be able to help others and be their role model. :) I will continue to be the role model for others and at a higher level.

Ok, let me go into something not so "chim" ya? I am excited to update about my ABC.

Aloysius is very happy in Shichida kindergarten. His weekly Shichida method class still goes on. He will continue till he's six years old. Why six? According to Professor Shichida Makoto, one's IQ can only be improved before six years old. Aloysius' daily flashcards session by me is reduced due to my time constraint. I rather reduce it than having too much stress for myself. He still loves his flashcards sessions with me. I will do them on and off when I am more relaxed and have some time. Another thing is that in the kindergarten, he will be shown 300 cards daily. That's a plus point in sending him to this kindergarten. It reduces my flashcards and teaching load a little :) It allows me more time for Bernice and Charlene.

A few days ago, I had a chat with Aloysius teachers at the kindergarten. The teachers came up to me to "complain" to me that Aloysius cannot sit still to eat his snack. hahaha... I told the teacher that for him to sit still to finish his food during meal times, he need to play with something or do some writing. We started to have a chat. By the way, my hubby took Aloysius for appointment first and he left seeing me with his teachers. His teachers told me that he has superb memory. I am also very delighted to hear that he's well liked by all the teachers. His chinese teacher was very impressed that she taught the class a new song, and Aloysius sang the song after she finished. His Shichida method teacher at the kindergarten commented that he has super memory. She taught the class something new and Aloysius knew what was taught to the class immediately, and led the class in the activities. His teachers also mentioned that he was singing Japanese songs in class. Apart from the English and Chinese songs, he has been trying to sing German songs at home too. German language is my favourite, so they get to listen to German songs often at home. His teacher also noticed that he loves red color, and will complete whatever he starts. For example, when he starts singing, he will finish the song first before he will listen to his teacher's instructions. I am glad that he will complete what he starts. This is one of the key to success in life. Aloysius will be a successful and great leader when he grows up :)

I will start swimming lessons for Aloysius soon. No need to go to Ang Peng Siong school at this stage though. Piano classes will start when he turns 4. I believe that his exposure to Shichida classes will nurture him to be able to pick things very fast. With my time contraints, I will concentrate on the Shichida way for now.

At one year old, Bernice is already running and has walked miles. She can recognise shapes - triangle, square and circle. Last week, at her Shichida method class, she surprised me further that she knows colors! In one of the activities, I told her to pick the red, pink and yellow flowers for me and she picked the correct ones for me! Bernice can say papa, mama, ye ye, por por, ge ge, bread, biscuit, that". She will imitate me when I teach her what are the names of the things. Very soon, she will be talking. Bernice loves to go out. She knows that before going out, she will have to wear her shoes. Sometimes, she will want to wear her shoes at home. She simply loves going out. She will want to follow when daddy goes to work. I will bring her down the lift and walk for a while. I do flashcards sessions for Bernice daily too. She prefers pictures and stories more at this stage. As for dots, I still got to figure out how to get her more interested. Probably the cards are too big and my flashing speed is not fast enough. She's a fast and eager learner. Perhaps my "tai jiao" did pay off. Sometimes, when listening to songs, she will go "ti ti ta ta" as if singing togather with the music.

Charlene has very cool personality. When she talks, her pronunciation is accurate. She knows how to say papa, mama, ye ye, por por, ge ge, that, I want. She will wave and say bye bye. Charlene knows what she wants, and will communicate to us persistently till she gets what she wants. She also knows how to bend for a kiss. She's my very sweet girl. Sometimes, she will want to sit in one of the strollers at home inside the house. hahaha... she enjoys wearing her shoes too. I also do flashcards with Charlene daily. She has excellent concentration. She has walked miles too. She loves to explore around the house and also not forgetting the things around the house. Charlene loves it when we says "it's shower time". It means time to play with and splash water! She prefers to shower in the bathroom in my room and will insist on that. Charlene will smile when we say "smile" when taking a photo for her.

I am enjoying their existence. Both the gals will play with each other everyday when Aloysius goes to school. They love hide and seek with each other too. It's lots of fun to see them playing with each other happily and giggling away. They will chase after each other too.

Aloysius is toilet trained, even at night :). He will wake up at night and open the door to walk to the toilet, and even remembers to flush the toilet. It caught me by surprise. I think the key is to keep him dry at night by bringing him to the toilet in the middle of the night. My hubby has been doing this for many months already. Bernice and Charlene is in the toilet training journey already. I am sure they will be toilet trained in no time. Bernice will say "uh oh" when she or Charlene urines on the floor.

Gotta go... later all... Will upload some photos next time :)


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