Friday, May 28, 2010

June holidays is here!

The long month-long June holidays is here! There will be changes when school starts. Life gotta be ever changing ya :)

I will be stopping Julia Gabriel playclub for Bernice and Charlene. Tell you why end of the year... :) I will consider Edu Drama on Sat or Sun though. Sat morning is already reserved for swimming. Either Sat afternoon or Sunday. It gotta be the time when the grandma can send them, not having me to send :) hahaha... I can imagine having to employ a driver just to send the kids to and from school, and for their enrichment classes in another one to two years' time.

Aloysius have been in Yamaha music program in JB, and seems to be doing pretty well. I have not attended the lesson with him before, my mum will be the one bringing him for his music classes. It's an hour a week. He can play the piano with right hand and five fingers, and recognise the keys now. Even Bernice and Charlene can sing a few of his songs in "do-re-mi". I gotta buy a DVD and a music CD for him to listen and practice at home. My friend told me to go for individual class after one year. I will see... Getting a teacher for individual is not a problem at all :) Probably I will re-start his violin lessons again. Mommy here needs some time to scout around town.

Come to talk about TV, I got lots to say... hahaha... next time.

I have decided to send Bernice and Charlene for music classes too, starting from this holiday :) And also some art classes. I even have the thought of sending them for art classes everyday during the holidays. So that they will be doing and learning something everyday. Well, being in JB, everything is possible, just need to have one thing. MONEY! Bernice and Charlene are "too young" for the music class, but it became a reality when I told them that I am willing to let them attend two years of the same class, and willing to pay for two years. Yeah! Bernice and Charlene are pretty independent now. They are completely potty trained. They can sing songs and accompany each other very well. Seeing them grow up is indeed a joy.

Today will be a lazy day with the kids in JB :) Thinking of bringing them out to Kukup or a fruits farm later...

Yesterday, we just celebrated Aloysius' birthday in school. He was indeed super happy. It was pretty last minute, but everything went on fine. I asked him what would he like to have for his birthday party. He wanted chocolate banana cake, so we got him one from Secret Recipe. He wanted a spiderman cake, so we got him a big agar-agar in spiderman. Grandma fried some beehoon, aunty got some kuih kuih and curry puffs for the party. I made some cheese bread in Pooh and Tigger. Aloysius also wanted party hats, so daddy got party hats for all his schoolmates. He enjoyed the party and the food. Seeing the smiles and laughters in him is a joy in my heart.


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