Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aloysius' K2 graduation.

today is Aloysius' graduation ceremony and service. as a mother, I felt that my little boy is no longer that little anymore.
next year, he will be going to a bigger environment - a primary school. I am not sure how he will turn out to be when he goes to primary school. probably I have not yet make a concrete decision how I want his primary school education to be like. different schools offer different values and teachings. and different schools have different academic standing and pressure.
I am not worried about the academic side for Aloysius. I have equipped him with the skills to be able to learn fast and catch up if he does falls behind. but he will need to have someone better than him to work towards to.
currently I dunno how to effectively teach him to compete with himself and his own results. after catching up, he will relax, mommy here also relax. probably I will need to chat with people who are experienced in competing with themselves.
when Aloysius was in the Shichida program, we were blessed to be under stress when we changed to another class. we changed from a relaxed, comfortable class with relaxed teacher to one with a "kiasu" and fast speed teacher. the other 5 kids in that class were way ahead and disciplined. in the beginning, I felt mentally drained after attending lessons with him. that was a shocking and an eye opener change though. it took us 6 months to catch up with the rest of the "new" classmates. that was an intensive daily home drilling journey. the experience was worth it. it gave me the opportunity to guide and show Aloysius perseverance, planning, and coping with stress.
recently we had another of this catching up experience again. this time, the stress is only for two weeks. Aloysius recently started the Yamaha JXC program. previously when he was in the JMC program, I did not bother of his progress. I left it completely to the teacher and he did not practice at home. 3 weeks ago, his daddy keep asking me to go music class with him cos daddy cannot cope anymore. that was my first JXC lesson with Aloysius. oh my! he was the last in class, way behind his classmates. we then started the intensive stressful journey of catching up again. we had several moments of frustrations, anger and impatience. lucky he caught up within two weeks of practice at home. phew...
currently Aloysius is registered in a neighborhood school just across the road. it is basically for my convenience to go to the school just within walking distance. I haven't decide on his primary school years, whether it should be stressful or no stress.


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