Monday, March 26, 2007

Aloysius' assessment and trip to night safari :)

Our classmates and dedicated sensei for the term Jan07-Mar07.

Yesterday, during the Shichida class, we received the assessment of Aloysius which was done when he was at 7 months old :). The assessment are classified as:- above expectation, within expectation, under expectation. He was assessed in his motor skills, IQ, linguistic skills, and social skills. He has the highest score for his motor skills. He has motor skills of a 15 months old child which is above expectation. He has IQ of a 12 months old child which is above expectation. For linguistic, he's at 13 months old child which is also above expectation. He has social skills of a 10 months old child which is within expectation. We need to do more to improve his social skills. Sensei recommended that we bring him out more often to let him see how we communicate with other people. Bring him to the beach or gardens or playground where there are other kids playing and communicating with one another. The sensei also suggested that we should bring kids to the beach to let them play and feel the sand. And also to teach them how to dig the sand, and also build sandcastle. hmm... I think perhaps not the sand for Aloysius yet, cos he will put anything new into his mouth. Maybe we will start to bring him to the beach more often for picnic. I think the Botanical garden is not bad too, cos there are many kids playing around too. To improve IQ, I gotta give him opportunity with zig-saw puzzles. He has chewed the corners of two of his puzzles. hmm... Maybe shape sorter will do too :). I just took out his Thomas train shape sorter to let him play.

Last nite, after Aloysius' Shichida class, we took a cab to the night safari :) Aloysius fell asleep on the cab and woke up when we just entered the night safari. There were 11 of us, plus 3 toddlers and Aloysius :) We went to the animal show first. At the show, Aloysius was a little bit cranky. There were a lot of people. Photography with flashlights is strictly forbidden. And we gotta "booo" togather if we see any flashlights during the show. When we were "practising" the "booo", Aloysius cried! He got a fright, and perhaps dislike the "booo" sound... I gotta go to the top and stand to console him. Perhaps he was feeling a little bit warm cos the amphitheater is very crowded. And he's still tired. He watched part of the show with me standing. During the show, someone snapped his/her camera. Everyone went "booo", and Aloysius cried again. It took me a while to console him. After the show, we went for a tram ride. At the beginning of the ride, Aloysius laid on me and saw some animals, such as the different species of deers, lions, flamingoes. It was quite dark. Before we reached the leopard trail, Aloysius fell asleep. Since he was sleeping comfortably in my sling, I continued to carry him and walked the leopard trail. He slept till we reached home at about 11+pm, and woke up for milk. He did not eat his food for dinner. Overall, the night safari is very impressive and nicely done. No wonder there are sooooo many tourists. Thumbs up for Singapore's night safari :).


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