Saturday, March 24, 2007

Aloysius' first picnic!

This morning, we brought Aloysius for his first picnic at the Botanical Gardens :). When we reached there at about 9+am, Aloysius fell asleep. We pushed him around to find a cool spot to sit and let him sleep. We settled with a space, under a big shady tree, overlooking the swan lake. The weather was very nice and pleasant. There were many kids running around and playing on the big grass fields. We saw a grandpa and two boys. They were encouraged to compete in running up and down the slope. hmm... Some ideas of encouraging Aloysius to run next time when he can run :). I thought, kids need to have another kid to play and compete with to encourage them to run and play. I hope Aloysius will not be a lonely kid too. From "How to teach your baby to be physically superb", it's recommended to let kids run up and down slopes, and on different terrain.
We also saw a maid handling a pair of twin toddler boys. She was alone with the two boys. The boys were out of their stroller to walk and run. It did not seem easy when the two boys decided to run in the opposite directions. They have a unique stroller to fit both of them though. hmm... I couldn't see the brand though cos it was quite far.

We were supposed to meet some friends for the picnic. They finally arrived and we met at about 10.30am at the grass field near the Symphony lake. Aloysius woke up then, just in time to play. hahaha... I fed Aloysius with some grapes and he really loves his grapes :). The grass is a little bit damp, so we did not let Aloysius creep on his own. hmm... maybe next time when we bring more water for him to wash up. It will be so cute so see him creep on the green green grass, and let him feel the grass. hmm... Sensory stimulation :) Oh yes, my parents brought Aloysius to the East Coast Park last week. My dad let him feel the sand and the sea water. He was so happy :).

The picnic ended at about 1pm and we parted. Along the way home, Aloysius fell asleep :)


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