Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wanna slim down???

If you are bored, or wanna take a breather from work (like me now having a tea break from my thesis writing), and you wanna consider slimming down, or know someone who really wanna slim down, or know someone who's going through a health challenge, look further at the following websites...

***Warning: Not for the weak hearted.*** ;) kekeke...

25kg in one month:
If that's too fast, how about 20kg in 3 months? Just spend more lor... ;)


There's something similar in both of these slimming cases. First of all, it's too good to be true, rite? They went through a rejuvenation program, the Hunza way :) Amazing, isn't it?

Slim down (in underweight cases, gain weight!), look younger, more energetic, radiant skin. For ladies, more beautiful than ever :) Did you notice any lose skin folds in their photos? The answer is no, rite?

Oh yes, I have a good girl friend who slimmed down more than 20kg in 3 months after she got to know about the Hunza way from me. I have yet to meet up with her. She's in KL and has been travelling around Asia for work. Hope I will have a chance to catch her in town soon. She is extremely happy with the results that she went for an expensive photoshoot in the studio! She told me that she has not been so slim before. She had tried many ways of slimming, including going to popular, expensive and well advertised slimming centers. So she's like me, never slim before since childhood till we got to know about the Hunza way... Easy maintenance too... :)

If you wanna know more information, or join this widely accepted and sought after slimming and health biz, you can email to indinine@gmail.com.


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