Sunday, July 08, 2007

First week in Kuala Lumpur.

It has been a week since we arrived in KL. One more week to go though. Aloysius has been a very happy boy. His walking skill is improving by the days. The distance walked a day is also increasing by the days :). He’s now a real toddler. When I go for my course everyday, my parents will bring him around KL, visiting relatives. He will sit in his car seat and enjoy the scenery along the way. When he got tired, he will just close his eyes and nap. I will only get to see him and play with him in the evening. Gosh… just like full time working mothers :( Every morning, I gotta wake up early and leave for the course by 7.30am. Most of the days, he will still be sleeping. After my course, my parents will drive him to fetch me. Then, I will be able to see him and play with him. After dinner, he will be tired and need to go to bed already. The time spent with him a day is not much. Hmm... this is not the life that I want. It firms up my decision on not willing to be a full time working mother. What if the pay is very good? Maybe will think about that… kekeke… During the course, I met a few gals in their early 20s. One of them told me that she’s not happy with her parents, cos they were busy making money and let her be taken care of by a nanny. She’s not the only person I have met with this type of unhappiness. Hmm… I think I will not want my kids to think this way next time when they grew up. I felt that this is something which money cannot buy. Perhaps it’s some kind of happiness which cannot be bought with loads and loads of monetary wealth. I am afraid that I might live in regrets in future.

My mum will prepare Aloysius’ food and feed him his porridge and goats’ milk. His milk is expensive! He only likes PureNat, the organic goats’ milk, and refused to drink Karihome nor Healtheries. One week, he will finish up almost 2 tins of the milk. Each tin cost RM48. hmm... need to earn more from some where to feed him his favourite milk. Any lobang?

We missed the first Shichida lesson of the new term. While in KL, I tried my best to show him his flashcards. I brought along a set of his flashcards. He seems to love the speed reading stories very much. I will show him the cards while in the car while traveling back from where my course is to the hotel. He will sit in his car seat and enjoy the flashcards sessions. He dun seem to like the “san zi jing” which I used a red marker to write myself. He only likes “ren zi chu…”. Perhaps it’s becos I have been narrating that to him since he’s 1 month old. Lately he is interested in books. He will take out his favourite book and start flipping and “ba ba ba ba…” away to anyone around him. It’s really cute to see him pointing at the book and “ba ba ba…” in his own baby language. His favourite book now is a board book which his daddy bought for him from Australia – “Parents and babies”. I try to read to him “Good night, Little Mouse” every night before he sleeps. These few days, he prefers to take the book to flip on his own. At times, he will point the paragraphs to me and I will read to him. I am hoping to cultivate a reading habit in him, which I did not have when I was young. I only started to read lots of books when I started to do research ;).

Aloysius’ daddy joined us in KL on Friday night. We drove up to Genting Highlands on Saturday. Aloysius was very curious during the journey. It’s his first time going up a mountain. He was curiously looking around his surrounding during the journey. There were lots for him to see and observe when we were at Genting. He was tired, but he preferred to look around everywhere. There were a lot of people. We forgotten to bring his jacket and left it in another car. Luckily, it was not very cold. Aloysius had a ride on the carousel at the indoor theme park with his daddy. Initially, he was puzzled how come he’s going up and down. He held on to the bar very tightly. Hahaha… He loved the ride on the carousel and dun really wanna get down. We had a brief walk outside the hotel, and off we went back to KL city. Aloysius fell asleep on our journey back. It was a relaxing and enjoyable trip to Genting. We had a family dinner at Roadhouse Grill at Ampang.

This morning, we walked to KLCC after our breakfast at the Sky Lounge. It was a nice experience to dine with a view of Malaysia’s icon – KL Twin towers. We went to the park at KLCC. Aloysius loves watching the water fountain. There are also a big dry playground and a big wet pool for the kids. It is FOC! Wow…

Next week, I will be having my exams on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully I will have some time for Aloysius and bring him to the wet and dry playground to play. A stroll around KLCC park will be nice too :).


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