Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Aloysius' porridge today.

Recently, I found a new "concoction" for Aloysius' porridge :) I love it too... hahaha... I always finish up his left-over, else waste $$$. To me, it's delicious, but maybe too plain for many :)

The following is what I cooked for him for today - lunch and dinner.


For the grains:
2 tablespoon brown rice
1 tablespoon millet
1 tablespoon quinoa
1 tablespoon red lentils

For the vegetables:
Broccoli florets
Sweet potato
Beans (I dunno what it's called. It's those fresh red and white types which we buy from the market.)
Wakame seaweed.
Red capsicum.
Yellow capsicum.

Wash and soak the grains for an hour in Kinertec V6 water. The soaking time is shorter with Kinertec V6 water cos there's lots of energy. Do not pour away the water used for soaking. Add more water to boil the grains. Red lentils provide lots of protein, and for better absorbtion of the protein, it's better to eat with grains.
Soak the wakame seaweed. This seaweed contains lots of calcium, a very important mineral for kids' growth. It contains more calcium than cow's milk.
Use only broccoli florets. Too much of the stem may cause wind in babies.
Dice the sweet potato.
Remove the skin of the beans. Lots of work here. For easier removal, I soak them in Kinertec V6 water first.
Remove the skin of the capsicum and dice the capsicum. No need to remove the skin also can, but the skin is not very soft.
Add all the vegetables to the boiling grains.
Boil at low fire for 45 minutes. I use a thermal cooker, so I will transfer the porridge to the thermal cooker for half an hour and bring out to boil for another 5-10 minutes.

Bingo! Nutritious and delicious lunch and dinner for Aloysius :) I will store his dinner in my thermal pot to keep it warm and nice. This concoction has a mild and natural sweetness, and is fragrant. Aloysius loves it, and only left a little for me...