Thursday, July 19, 2007

Second week in KL.

I have been very busy since we came back from KL. I have yet to fully unpack the luggage even.
Last Monday, while we were still in KL, Aloysius walked and walked for the whole day on his own. My mum said he could have easily walked 1km. 1 mile a day is the target from Glen Doman’s book on physical fitness. However, on Tuesday morning, Aloysius started to develop a fever, but he’s still a curious toddler. My dad managed to queue and got me the last ticket to the Sky Bridge for that day on last Friday, however, we did not go, cos Aloysius was still having a fever. His fever came and went, came and went a few times before it finally subsided :). Again, I fed him 2 Indinine a day and more Vitality Plus. The second week in KL for Aloysius is mostly in the hotel - in the apartment, in the kids' playroom, by the swimming pool, breakfast at the Sky Lounge. We brought him out of the hotel during dinner only. Oh yes, when I was preparing for my theory exams on Thursday, my parents brought him to Genting! My mum's reasoning was that Aloysius fell asleep in the car, and they wanted to go somewhere more cooling, hence off they went up to Genting. hahaha...

Since we could not go to the Sky Bridge, I left Aloysius with my mum in the apartment and walked to WBG office in KL to buy some products and settle some stuffs for my consumers in KL :). When I was there, I met a few people and we started a small chat. There’s someone with a very interesting story to share. The slim, soft spoken gal had muscle dystrophy for the past 2 years. She tried numerous kind of products and method to help herself, but to no avail, till she met her good friend who introduced Indinine and WBG to her. She gave it a go. She started to take 10 Indinine, 100 Vitality Plus and 2 Fibre Plus a day. On the tenth day, she felt that she actually had more strength to walk. She gained confidence in Hunza products. She took 10 Indinine, 100 Vitality Plus and 2 Fibre plus a day for 2 months. Wow… 1 Indinine is about RM20, 20 Vitality Plus is about RM8 and 1 Fibre Plus is about RM3. The amount she’s spending on the daily basis is significant to me. She has reduced the dosage to 4 Indinine, 100 Vitality Plus and 1 Fibre Plus a day now. She has been on this dosage for 4 months already. When I saw her in the office, she just looked like a normal, soft spoken, gentle, and beautiful lady. She could walk properly. And she was in the office to buy more products. Isn't it amazing?

Hmm… Come to think of it, it’s better to take good care of our health, rather than trying to reverse an illness. It will cost more to spend on medical care when one is ill, than spending on supplements to take good care when one is still healthy now. Nowadays, it’s a trend that when one is ill, apart from spending on seeing a specialist or specialists, it’s a norm to spend on supplements too. Hence, it's expenditure of medical fees plus supplements.


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