Friday, September 14, 2007

I was reading the book <<从胎儿开始的育儿法>> by Prof. Shichida. I think this is a very good book for a parent who wanna have some ideas on ways of nurturing and disciplining a child, and parents who are facing some challenges during the process of nurturing their child. I highly recommend this book.

There’s a section which mention that if we are having difficulty with a child, we will need to sit down and look at ourselves, and not the child. Parents will need to change first in order to change the children. Hmm… Not many people will think nor believe of that though. Mommy needs to change and the children will automatically change.

A mother’s words are of utmost importance to a child, and will affect him in many ways, especially the emotional and social development. The child’s eagerness to learn and explore will also be affected by the mother’s words. The child need words of encouragement and praises for the little that he accomplishes. Small accomplishment with praises will gather his confidence in exploring further. Hmm… I better be very careful and conscious on what I say to Aloysius. Sometimes, he just got on my nerves :p Most of the time, I will just walk away from him. I will always remember deep in my head, never ever say any negatives things about his existence, never say that mommy dun want him (not even as a joke!).


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