Friday, July 25, 2008

Head over heels today!

This afternoon, I had a visitor. It’s my sister’s friend. She’s a designer. She asked me one question which made me head over heels today. Hahaha… wanna know what? Dun tell you :P

You really wanna know? I told my hubby the question, and he laughed at me :( sobs…

Ok… I tell you ok? But promise me… Dun laugh at me ya? Hahaha… I am laughing first.

My sister’s friend asked me “Are you an air stewardess? Your skin looks so smooth and radiant.” Hmm… Maybe it’s the results of using my bar! MY BAR! Hahaha… Many people and friends have been telling me that I am looking very radiant. The color of my face is more even now. My sister told me that my freckles are now lighter too. Wow… My bar is so amazing! Not many products out there can remove freckles, you know?

When I was young, I want to be an air-stewardess because I love to travel, but could not, due to my size. I was overweight since kindergarten. And I was “pimple-faced” too. How can I be an air-stewardess, rite?

I was in my home tee and shorts and I haven’t wash my face with my bar for the day. My sister did not pre-inform me that her friend was coming. So I was not with make up, and was not in my best state to meet anyone. Well, I slimmed down a lot after my detox, and my weight maintained. Some people thought that it’s because I got 3 to look after, hence I slimmed down. Hmm… I feel that it’s more of my healthier body. My mum and many others gotta look after 4 kids, but did not maintain their weight and grew. Another thing is I must thank God that I found "my bar", else I might be looking like a “yellow face” woman having to look after and nurture 3 young kids.

Oh yes… I have a friend who has “bloody face” when we were in University days. “Bloody face” becos he had lots of big pimples with oozing pus and blood kind. Can you imagine the oozing pus and blood face? Ok ok.. dun wanna elaborate further on that. I feel like puking already. Let me tell you his story. He changed his diet and took Indinine, Vplus, FibrePlus for a few years. He has no more bleeding and pus oozing face. But, he has one problem. His face is full of “pot holes”. Some people say it’s like a world map. His “world map” is the result of those big and bloody pimples he had. He has been using "my bar" for a few months already. The deep seated holes are surfacing! Wow! How can that be rite? His face is getting smoother by the months, if not by weeks! Isn’t that amazing? He’s looking more and more radiant too.

Before I go off… Let me do a quick update on ABC.

Aloysius can count to thirty now :) He can recite the whole “ren zhi chu san zi jing”. He’s starting to sing now. He can sing “twinkle twinkle little star”, “baa baa black sheep”. Not many songs yet. I finally felt so satisfied that he will sit beside me to read a few books when in the library. I am not very sure if he can read on his own. I am hoping that he can read on his own. Two days ago, I was teaching him opposites from a book. It’s one word on one page with illustrations. I just taught him once and he got it. I like Eric Carle’s books titled “Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear?”, “Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?”, “Panda bear, panda bear, what do you see?”. Aloysius also likes these books. He will want me to read them repeatedly and say out loud with me. I borrowed these books and these books will be his bed time, and wake up time story books.

Bernice is sleeping less during the day now. Whenever we go out, she will be wide awake and looking around her surrounding. Last nite, I brought her with me to a business seminar. She was like replying and talking to the speaker. Hahaha… Luckily, the speaker did not mind her “talkativeness”. She can sleep on her own when she’s tired. Just put her down on the bed and she will fall asleep herself. Bernice loves the song “open and shut” at Julia Gabriel. She will give a wide smile when I sing this song to her. Today, I let Bernice crawled onto the marble floor. I guess she must have felt that the floor is cold and hard. I also put her in the car seat beside Aloysius when it’s flashcards time. She might not be a visual person. She will only look at the cards for a while, but will continue to sit there and listen. Hahaha… save me some time and effort in arranging separate sets of flashcards.

Charlene is also sleeping less during the day now. She will also be wide awake to look around when we go out. She’s very focused and has good concentration span for her age. Sometimes, when I put her on the bed, she will be lifting up her head and staring at the checker board. The board has some colorful stickers on them. She’s into flashcards now. She can last 15 minutes or more of flashcards session with Aloysius. She seems to love the stories from speed reading. Her eyes will light up. I also brought Charlene to a business seminar last nite. Well, in fact, my Bernice and Charlene will be at the weekly and monthly business seminars that I go. I will bring them there. Last nite, Charlene, after being fed, was also very happy and “replying” to the speaker. When the speaker talked about money, she got so excited and started kicking and “talking”!

Ok… Gotta go… Charlene will be waking for milk soon. She’s having a growth spurt, having to drink milk every 1-2 hours.


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