Monday, July 07, 2008

First train ride on KTM train.

We brought ABC for their very first train ride on the KTM train to Segamat on Saturday. It was a fun and enjoyable day. The train was late for an hour and it finally arrived at 9.30am. Aloysius was scared. He sat on the chair and clung on to the chair tightly when the train arrived. Perhaps he's afraid of the loud engine sound. My hubby carried him on the train. On the train, he wanted me to carry and hug him. I carried him all the way till Segamat. He had a nap during the journey too.

My BIL's brother drove to the station to pick us up to fetch us to Tangkak. We had lots of delicious durian! Aloysius refused to eat durian. He will run away when you ask him if he wants durian. hahaha... He's really my "ang mo" child. Speak Mandarin with "ang mo" accent, and now, cannot stand the taste of durian. How to make him more Asian? I gave him a small piece of durian and he played with it with water.

After the durian feast, we went to visit two chicken farms. Aloysius absolutely enjoyed himself at the farm and refused to go home. He enjoyed chasing after the chickens, catching and stroking the chickens very much. We will bring him there again :) This time, he explored the farm with 8 days old chickens. Maybe next time older chickens.

My BIL's relatives are so amazed at Bernice and Charlene :) They were very happy too with so many people to talk to them and keep them company, while mommy and daddy enjoyed durian feast and chased after exploring Aloysius.

I am looking forward to bring them out again somewhere :) Maybe Penang is next, or perhaps Bintan :)


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