Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I was looking for more information on Astaxanthin while my ABC are asleep :) I am evaluating a new product that will be released out in mid-July08. It is more advanced than Indinine called MMA. The only difference from Indinine is the addition of Astaxanthin, which apparently will make MMA more potent.

Anyway, I wanna write that I came across this article:

The ending is “Business and sales is the top reason of people becoming hella rich. lol!” hmm… I kinda agree with it. From my personal experience, when I do more sales, I get more money. Recently, my hubby was amazed at how much $$$ I can contribute to my dad’s heart bypass surgery. He asked me how come I have so much to contribute and still have $$$ in my bank account. Hahaha… Well, I dun have “private money” hor… My sis labeled me having a “chai diam ma” in Hokkien, something like having a seven eleven at home. Hahaha…

Imagine if I am an employee. If I get more sales, I might get more in commission if I am lucky. Why not sell for yourself? A lot of people do not like to sell, they do not like sales. Where can the money come from if one does not wanna do sales? Good sales people are RICH! Sales and marketing is very important according to T.Harv Eker too. The Guerilla business intensive is all about coming out with a superb marketing plan! That’s where the money is :)

Hey, if you are interested in business, I am supplying a new, fantastic, revolutionary product - Eumora. Other backend products coming very soon. We can be partners. You can start small. Well, most businesses start from small, ain’t it? If you have the volume, you can even be a supplier or distributor. I am more interested in business to business :) This is a lucrative business in wellness and beauty! Email to me if you are interested.

LinnaUng at gmail dot com.


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