Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tiring Day...

Today was a rather tiring day. We went out for almost the whole day. We went for lunch with a friend, then some shopping at Takashimaya, then class at Julia Gabriel. In the morning, usually gotta rush to get ABC showered and fed. If near to lunch time, gotta feed Aloysius lunch before we can go out. Cos he will fall asleep by latest 1pm. I still gotta prepare his lunch and start cooking earlier. And also the flashcards.

This morning, Aloysius was very funny. Dunno to laugh or to be angry. Hahaha… After his shower, he decided to play with water in the bath-tub. And he started to pour water on the floor. I like my bathroom to be dry. I told him “The floor is wet.” After he’s done with and bored with playing with the water and toys, I got him out and dressed him. Then I told him again “The floor is wet.” He repeated after me “Floor wet.” And ran out of the room. He went to the yard to get a broom and came back with the broom and said “sweep floor.” Hahaha… Then I told him, “If you sweep the floor like this, it’s going to be wet.” Guess what he said next… He said “Floor wet, mama very angry.” Wahahaha… It was so cute. Then I laughed, and he said “mama not angry.” Hahaha…

This afternoon, when I was shopping for shoes, Aloysius started to enjoy pushing the boxes of shoes and counting. I grabbed him and asked him to look at me. I took quite a while for him to look at me. He knew I was angry. Finally when he looked at my eyes, I told him

“Mama wants you to be a good boy. Mama don’t like what you did. Stop pushing all the boxes and behave. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mama.”

“Mama wants you to sit on the stroller now and remain seated. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mama.”

Then I put him on the stroller and he sat there till I paid and left :). Hmm.. easy “discipline” eh? I only did part of what Shichida said in his book about disciplining. Hahaha… I gotta revise and practice again. Discipline cannot be more than 2 minutes. When disciplining, I must have his attention and tell him that I love him, hence got angry with him. Then explain why I am angry. Then tell him how he should behave. Then at the end of it, gotta give him an 8 seconds hug. I have forgotten the hug… :P When I got time, I will write here or translate about discipline from the book, ya? :) I think it’s pretty effective. No need to spank nor scream nor tolerate bad behaviour. I can remember different “phases” of discipline are illustrated in the book, and how many seconds for each “phase”.

Okie dokie, I gotta go to bed already. Another outing day tomorrow. We are going to Botanical Gardens for a picnic!


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