Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Five, four, four, one, one.

You must be wondering what is the significance of five, four, four, one, one :) haha... 5 digits for you to choose to buy 4D and sure strike ;) hahaha...

Ok, let's come to the main point :)

I just attended SAB convention at Expo last Saturday. The convention benefited me and my group a lot. I am glad that I attended with a big group :) I am sure this convention will change the life of everyone who spent their time to attend the convention for the better. It was an inaugural convention in Singapore. During the convention, many had their mind expanded. hmm... You might be thinking what is it to expand our mind. If you want to grow to the next level, you need to expand your mind. Your mind is like your muscles. The more you allow it to be expanded, the more it will grow and the stronger it will get. In SAB, I have a coach who will expand my mind and my horizon every time I meet him.

During the convention, Arthur showed us his "house" that took years to "renovate". His house really looks like a castle with all the 9 hand arranged granite walls. Just the cost of one of his walls, we can buy a Mercedes! The house sits on a hill top at Batu Ferringgi with sea facing all around! The interior is very beautiful with hand picked crystals chandelier. I also noticed the leather sofa. Those sofa really look not cheap. I was in awe looking at the photos. I cannot wait to go to his house on 7 June 2009 for his house warming :) I am proud that I qualify to go to his house already. I want to bring 5-10 people from my group to go to his beautiful house in Penang. I shall see if I can bring Aloysius along too. I want to give him the exposure that I am having now. He also shared how happy his 4 children are now. I also want to give my children this kind of happiness. It's a different level, Arthur always says. It's a bit chim though, but slowly I am starting to see what he means by "a different level". In SAB, it seems like the top leaders are not interested in cars at all. Cars is just a means of travelling everywhere, can take many people to functions, and most importantly, can contain many cartons of the facial bars for the day. All are going for boats and yatchs! hahaha... Arthur's influence. It's a "different level" of achievement, I guess. In the last seminar, Arthur showed me a catalog for boats. They are very beautiful. I was like "wow"!

Ok, I better stop writing about Arthur's house, else I will be going on and on. Health time now.

Five, four, four, one, one:
At the convention, we had the honour of having Dr. Wong from Sydney to present to us about health and the microalgae that we have in all our products range. To see Dr. Wong in Sydney, you will need to book him 3 months in advance! When he was speaking, I was not really listening to him 100% :p I was preparing for my speech. I have been very busy to even sit down to prepare for my speech. I gonna speak to about 400 people! On top of that, I have a group of supporters and coachees! It's different from speaking at T. Harv Eker seminars! Because whatever I say up on stage now will matter and impact my people. I am a person who don't like to talk a lot. Worse if it's on stage! I have no choice in SAB. I gotta become a speaker else how to lead a big group of people? My coach always tells me. Ok, on the positive side. When my ABC can sit through for a few hours, I will bring them for conventions and seminars and presentations to give them the exposure that mommy and daddy also can lead the masses from the stage :)

Back to 5,4,4,1,1.
I managed to catch these numbers. It's a rule of our daily diet. It means 5 cups of vegetables, 4 cups of fruits, 4 colours, 1 cup of nuts, 1 cup of seafood. This is a healthy diet. 1 cup of seafood here refers to only seafood without shells, seafood with scales. What is it? It's none other than fish! He recommended fishes like tuna and salmon. hmm... looking at the recommendation, I am proud that my ABC are in line with this diet, but I gotta increase the fruits part. And introduce fish to Bernice and Charlene when they turn 18 months.
hmm... I will slowly introduce meat to Aloysius in view that he will need to eat for entertainment sometimes when he grows up. Last month, when we had satay at home, he wanted to have a stick too. So, I gave one to him. He only had a bite and threw it away. Maybe the taste is too strong for his liking. Oh yes, if you wanna bribe Aloysius with ice-cream, it will not work. hahaha... My brother bought an ice cream machine and made some ice-cream. My parents tried to get Aloysius to eat ice-cream, but he's not used to it and is not interested in it. Perhaps, a better option to bribe Aloysius is Chloreana and nMA :) Dr. Wong talked about the goodness and benefits of Chloreana, nMA and Fibrena too. I am glad that my ABC love Chloreana, nMA and Fibrena.

Another stream of numbers that I can remember from Dr. Wong's talk is one, two , three. hahaha... I am a number person, maybe that's why I am attracted to these numbers. This one, two, three is how many times you go to the toilet to move your bowels. If you do not go one, two, or three times a day, you are not very healthy.

Ok, I gotta stop here. Going out for appointment soon. Later all.


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