Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I am H A P P Y, I am H A P P Y:)

I am very happy now :) First of all, we just came back from Bintan Lagoon. We stayed in the Angsoka villa. There are 4 families with kids. It was quite fun to see the babies and toddlers interacting and playing with one another. All of us enjoyed ourselves very much. Aloysius loves the white, sandy beach. He was exploring and creeping on the sand :)

This picture are the daddies and their kids :) We are on the ferry, on the way home. Look at their happy faces :)

Secondly, and very importantly, my lovey-dovey parents went to Penang with my sister for "qing ming". My sisters showed me their lovey-dovey photos :) At least we did not waste money for the 3 days "psychology of vision" workshop which we attended togather in Feb07. We "forced" our dad to attend the workshop, but he did not regret at all :). Having renewed their love and commitment to each other :) Beautiful, isn't it? Dun think I will upload their lovey dovey photos here :)


Blogger Missy & Jav said...

wow! looks like you guys had a great trip! especially Aloysius who looks like he enjoyed the most!

Monday, April 09, 2007 2:00:00 AM  

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