Sunday, June 03, 2007

Aloysius' 1st Birthday Party!

Yesterday was a very busy day. We had Aloysius’ very first birthday party :). Preparation for his party started before we went to Perth. We bought a nice Pooh bear candle when we were at Fremantle, Western Australia. We also bought some Pooh bears loot bag, but it was not used for the party, cos later on, we bought books as gifts for the kids, and the books cannot fit into the loot bags. It was not easy to decide what to give the kids. I know I can put sweets, lollipops, crackers, etc. But, I think a book is very practical :). Hahaha… I am an engineer, so very practical :P Since the theme of the party is Winnie-the-Pooh, we started to find something that is in-line with the theme. We were very lucky to find books with Pooh bear when we were in Perth :)

We settled the cake from Bengawan solo. We chose strawberry with vanilla cake. It was nice. I added the decorations for the cake :). It looked like Pooh bear in a grass field with his friends. We also ordered a Pooh bear agar-agar. Hahaha… we had some left over of the agar-agar – the head of Pooh. My guests are so funny. They cut the sides of Pooh, and left the head for us. Hahaha…

Yesterday, I got my brother’s gf to come earlier to help to wrap the books. She also helped to piece up the big poster of Aloysius. I printed 4 big posters, but in the end, we only have time for 3 posters. We bought balloons with words “HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY” to hang at the door. We skipped Aloysius’ Julia Gabriel last lesson yesterday :( We figured out that we will need more time for the preparation. At the last minute, my brother told me that he’s buying a projector from the PC fair. And we can use it for the birthday party. Hooray!!! I was wondering how to show the photos of Aloysius, cos I have not got enough time to compile a photo album for the party. I started to prepare the slides presentation of Aloysius’ photos from birth till our recent trip to Western Australia when I woke up. It took me half a day for that. Phew…

With the big colored posters, decorations, projector, play area for the kids, my hubby commented that we were rather “kua zhang”. Hahaha… We had a play area for the kids. We had a big “kangaroo jumper” which we bought from Perth. Aloysius loves to jump in it! He started to creep in and out when we were trying to pump it up. The kids love it. Aloysius was so happy jumping, standing, rolling inside the “kangaroo jumper” with other kids :). We also bought a Winnie-the-Pooh "bu dao wong". Aloysius loves this too. He will start to giggle and giggle. We brought down Aloysius’ ride n walker, and rocking horse too. We haven’t got enough man-power to bring his exersaucer down though. Nevertheless, all the kids seem to be very happy playing in the play area :)

We catered the food from Royal Catering. The guests commented that the food were very good. The decoration and set-up are satisfactory to me. I find Purple Sage has nicer decorations with fresh flowers. Before that, I told my co-ordinator for the caterer that I do not want plates, forks and spoons that will break easily which I get from normal caterers. Hahaha… Royal Catering does cater for weddings, so they know what I want. The sales person wanna give me china ware free of charge when he could not find better quality plates in their store, but the boss disagreed. In the end, they managed to give me disposable plates, forks and spoons of good quality. They were satisfactory. The sales person went to the store personally to dig out the better quality plates for the party. Kekeke… They change the jelly to mango pudding for us last minute, cos the salesperson said that the jelly were not up to my standard. Good service, eh? :) hahaha… that’s the power of network ;). I just got to know my friend’s friend from WBG, who is the cousin of the boss of Purple Sage. Hmm… Maybe next time will consider them again.


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Upload some pics of the party here? Too bad Jake could not make it to Aloy's party! Must be really fun!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007 4:02:00 PM  

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