Thursday, May 10, 2007

Someone asked me...

Recently, Aloysius fell sick. It was his first time to fall sick. He had high fever for about 24 hours, or rather considered 2 days. Someone asked me what I did when he's sick... We fed him lots of VP and 2 Indinine per day. Hmm… it’s more expensive than seeing a doctor with medications. I still care a lot, though I did not rush him to the doctor. I also sponged him constantly. He dislike the Kodomo fever pad. I used Kinertec V6 to sponge him throughout the day. Kinertec V6 water has invisible far-infrared and negative ions. Apparently, these will help in "detox". He also slept on the Kiko bed pad. I switched it on to the maximum. Again, the Kiko bed pad also has far-infrared and negative ions. I did whatever I can to help him feel better, and hope that his fever will go away fast. His fever was as high as 39.5degC. It was still quite ok to cope with him, luckily. He slept more during the day and nite. I practiced attachment parenting. I carried him most of the time. On the 3rd day, he got better and could play on his own already. Perhaps my kiasu-ness of feeding him lots of VP and Indinine to strengthen his immunity and overall health also pays off when he’s sick. But I am not a kiasu in bringing Aloysius to see a doctor :P. Let me tell you a story of my friend’s case recently and I felt the pain too as a parent.

My friend’s 2 year old boy also fell sick with fever plus cough with phlegm. He had been coughing and having phlegm for about a week already. Apart from that, the boy was completely fine, and could play on his own. Because of the phlegm, my friend and hubby decided to bring him to see a paediatrician. It was recommended that the boy should go to see a physiotherapist to get rid of the phlegm. So they went to see the physiotherapist. The boy was put under a machine to pat his back and chest for a few minutes (sounds like replacing the hand patting with a machine rite?). After the patting, the boy’s hands and legs were strapped down. He started to cry and cry, and stare at the parents, as if to ask the parents for help. My friend and her husband could only watch their boy screamed at the top of his voice. The next thing was an instrument was used to try to suck the phlegm from the nose! Gosh… It must be painful. Imagine something being inserted into your nose! The boy screamed and cried. His head was held down hard by the nurses. Gosh! Then the parents started to see some blood coming out with the phlegm. When I heard this part, my heart broke. A boy who’s still running around, having to go through the pain with blood being sucked! The father teared too and asked them to stop. The father could not take it anymore. I read the story and felt the heart breaks. I cannot imagine how heart broken the parents are. The boy was trembling even on their way home, and was rather clingy for the next few days. He’s certainly emotionally affected by the “therapy”. So poor thing…

I really hope all babies and kids are very healthy, and need not go through what my friend’s boy had gone through. Whatever it is, whether you feed them the organic supplements that I am selling, or feed them any other organic plant based supplements, get their health and immunity stronger. Think twice when you are going to buy those cheap vitamins off the shelves. Mostly are not natural sources and the tiny body might not be able to get rid of them. When left in the body, they become toxin. Sometimes I feel so sad when my friends’ kids get sick when I can only listen.


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