Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jason Shi's seminar.

Yesterday and today, I attended and will be attending a seminar by Jason Shi. For people who are doing pretty well in network marketing will probably know him. And people in Taiwan and China will certainly know him. He’s the guru of network marketing or some called it MLM. For me, I do not know him though. Hahaha… I gotta know him through WBG. I am not doing as well as you might think :P I haven’t own a bungalow in Singapore :P. “Own” to me is not with mortgage, it’s 100% mortgage free :). That is partial financial freedom to me. The cost to have Jason Shi is not cheap. I know it’s 25,000 per day, but I dunno whether it’s USD or SGD. The currency makes a lot of difference though ;). The CEO of WBG and all the management people also attended the seminar. The leading networkers from Penang, KL, Cambodia, Thailand, Korea, China, etc. came too. Aloysius is the youngest attendee! Kekeke… good exposure to him :) I have dreams for Aloysius, so I tried to expose him to impactful and good seminars and courses. Of course, the speakers gotta be very good and is a great leader. In a few years’ time, I will let him join the kids in WBG in leadership and entrepreneurship “training”. It’s a “training” is soft skills which I did not get even when I was in the University. I spoke to one of the founder last year about her vision for WBG and her kids. Her elder son is 3 years old plus now, and she will “train” him to be a leader, a great speaker to lead many, just like the mom and dad. And the plan will be executed when he’s 5-6 years old :). That’s another strong reason why I stayed on in WBG. It’s for my precious Aloysius development :).

Jason Shi speaks very very fast Mandarin. Luckily, I still can follow him. However, I got not much time to jot down some points in my notebook. Hahaha… good training for Aloysius’ speed listening in Mandarin? ;) Jason Shi’s seminar was very lively and he’s full of energy. I wonder where did he get that kind of energy to deliver his speech in such a lively manner. He has lots of jokes throughout. He even joked about his height. I tried public speaking before, but it’s not easy. Though I have many audience, but some fell asleep… hahaha…

Aloysius was a very good boy yesterday. He just got scared in the beginning, cos there were about 100+ people, which is many people to him. He was also scared and clingy to me during MyGym class. He’s not used to an environment with many people. Hmm… this tells me that I better give him more exposure to groups of people. After a while, he started to creep around and “talking”. Hahaha… So cute rite? The pretty customer service gals also helped me to play with Aloysius at some point when he wanted more mobility, while I attended the seminar. There were many people to help me to carry him. Hahaha… He’s fine when others carry and play with him.

I woke up to cook porridge in the morning for Aloysius’ meals – brown rice, millet, button mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, “heng chye”, sweet potato, wakame seaweed, sweet corn. He liked his porridge yesterday. Today, I will be cooking porridge for him too. Ok, I better stop writing here. Gotta start to prepare for the day out with Aloysius :)


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