Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Aloysius' playmate -Denzel.

Yesterday, I brought Aloysius to WBG office to meet Ivy and Edmund. They brought their 20 months old Denzel too. Let me describe more of cute and smart Denzel. By the way, Denzel also goes for Shichida class since he was 7 months old. While we were having our lunch, Denzel seemed to be playing with his mommy’s purse. He took out a $1 coin, and got down from the chair. He ran to the stall selling toasts with the coin! He wanted to buy the toasts that cost $1. It’s so amazing that he knew the toasts cost $1. Wow! He actually knows that he gotta exchange products with money.

Hmm… in one of Aloysius’ Shichida class, there’s a pretend play using toy coins the teacher made. However, Aloysius was not interested then. Hahaha… maybe he’s interested in the real coins. Since he loves to play with mobile phones, his grandfather bought him a toy mobile phone. He threw away the toy phone and wanted his grandfather’s real phone!

After lunch, I put Aloysius down on the carpet to creep. He creeped and played with Denzel. Both boys were so lovely. They actually kept hugging each other. Wow! After dinner, I let Aloysius played with Denzel too. Both boys were so happy playing “catching” with each other. Denzel also creeped on the floor with Aloysius. It was so nice to see Aloysius playing so happily with a playmate :). I think I will bring him to WBG more often now since there are a few other Hunza babies there :) hmm… or maybe a “Hunza playgroup”… I was so happy to see Aloysius’ social skill improves a little bit more.

Last Sunday, my friend visited us with her 4 months old cute baby, Karl. Her baby sat in Aloysius’ car exersaucer. When Aloysius saw, he cried a little and pointed to his “car”. Hahaha… He’s not used to seeing other babies playing with his toys. After I told him that we gotta share the toys, he was ok. He even tried to play with the baby :). I was surprised that Aloysius was quite gentle in using his hand to “sayang” Karl. Hmm… Maybe I will organize more home party at my home to invite more babies to come to play with Aloysius and his toys :) Perhaps these are the little things that I can do for his social skills development…


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