Thursday, May 17, 2007

My darling, Aloysius...

We went shopping for a pair of shoes for Aloysius last week. When we went to Clarks, we were surprised that he cannot wear the cruising first shoes already. His tiny feet are too big to fit in the cruising shoes. He needs walking first shoes. We tried on a pair, and he’s wearing size 4.5. It’s amazing how big his little feet have grown in just one year. In the end, we settled with a pair of sneakers from Gap. When we let him wear his first pair of shoes, he was amazed. He jumped on the parquet with the “pak pak pak” sounds. He sat on the floor and moved his legs to feel the shoes against the floor. He also sat on the floor to “yan jiu” his shoes. Hahaha…

Yesterday, I brought Aloysius out. He was such a darling. My sis sang a Chinese song to him, and he tried to learn how to sing. It was so cute, and he got some words rite. It’s amazing! Wow… Then my mum taught him to say “aunty”, and he did say “aunty”! It was pretty accurate. Ever since his fever, he has been babbling on and on.

Aloysius can “answer” the phone already. Hahaha… So cute, isn’t it? Everytime when anyone is on the phone, he will stare at us. Just now, my mum let him listen to the phone when my dad called. Aloysius “answered” in his baby language.

This morning, I was packing the clothes and things for our trip to Perth. Aloysius played, rolled, and creeped on the bed. Aloysius gonna wear lots of new clothings in Oz! He has several new long sleeves rompers and jackets. We are very excited about the trip :) It’s gonna be Aloysius’ first time on the flight. I am planning to carry him while he sleeps while on the flight.


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