Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trial at MyGym at GWC.

This morning, we went to MyGym at Great World City for a lesson trial :). Aloysius woke up quite early and was rather tired before the class started. However, after seeing other toddlers running around and playing happily, he decided that he wanna go on the carpet to creep too. When the class started, he cling on to me like a koala bear. I dunno whether is it he’s tired, or he’s afraid, but he looked tired. When it was time to go on the swing, he enjoyed it very much. He went on the swing twice, and almost dozed off. Surprisingly, he did not cry to get out of the swing. After that, it’s “separation time” from mommy. He enjoyed taking out the toys from the box to play with other kids. He liked the Little tikes xylophone very much. Hmm… I am thinking of whether to get him one too. Robinsons has similar one from Fisher Price. The wooden one that he has now at home is out of tune, unfortunately.

Today, I introduced mushrooms for his dinner. I chopped two types of mushrooms till very fine and add into his brown rice plus millet porridge. The taste is really good :) I think he likes the mushrooms and spinach porridge cos he finished his dinner very fast. I just changed the brand of his brown rice too. The mushrooms are organic ones from NTUC :).

1 tablespoon of brown rice
1 tablespoon of millet
2 medium sized mushrooms, finely chopped
1 handful of “heng chye”, finely chopped

Rinse the brown rice and millet and soak for about 2 hours. Pour into a pot, including the water that is used for soaking. Add the spinach and “heng chye” and boil. Remember to keep stirring to avoid burnt porridge at the bottom. Boil till the brown rice and millet are soft.
For me, I boiled the porridge for about 10 minutes, then transfer to a thermal pot for an hour, then boil for another 10 minutes. I will add more water if it’s too dry. Too little water will cause the brown rice to be very grainy.

NB: I was told that by soaking the brown rice, and using the water that is used for soaking, will make the brown rice easier to be digested. I dunno the scientific reasons and proof, I only know it gotta do with the enzymes in the brown rice being released during the soaking.


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