Monday, June 11, 2007

Perth Trip: Food for Aloysius.

Hello all...

I have some time to steal here :) Let me write a little on the food for Aloysius in our trip to Western Australia. Hope it will give other mommies and daddies some ideas on what to expect when travelling with a one year old on a road trip :) If you need me to elaborate more, dun hesitate to email to me, and I will find some time to expand my sharing here :)

Before the trip, we were pretty worried what to cook for Aloysius, or what food to get for him. I prepared 8 of his organic jar food, and some instant oatmeal. I also brought along a few bottles of Kinertec V6 water for Aloysius. I also brought some thermal containers for Aloysius’ meals.
We went to Fremantle market when we arrived. We bought lots of fruits and vegetables, and some organic parsnips for Aloysius. The avocados there looked very nice and fresh. We bought a few of those too for Aloysius. Then, off we went to a supermarket to buy a packet of rolled oats for Aloysius. Throughout the 9 days there, Aloysius’ meals were very easy to prepare, and he loves the food there. The potatoes were tasty. His meals for the day will be oatmeal porridge, mashed potato, sweet potato, and parsnips. For his afternoon snack, sometimes it will be oatmeal porridge, fruits, or avocado. He especially loved the persimmon. We let him try eating the sweetcorn raw, and he loved it :) The sweetcorn was very sweet, juicy and crunchy. We went to the farms along the way to buy some vegetables too. The fruits and vegetables were absolutely very fresh and tasty. Meals for Aloysius were a breeze when in Western Australia. He only had two bottles of jar food, and I brought them back. For water, we bought big bottles of spring water from the supermarket, and used the bottled water to cook Aloysius’ meals. The Kinertec V6 water was for him to drink only, not for cooking his food.

We are looking forward to our next big trip to UK, and maybe a city in Europe :). I am very tempted to go to Europe for the different cultural and language exposure for Aloysius. I have a friend in Edinburgh, and it’s not bad too. How? So many places to visit, and limited time. Another friend of mine just sold me the trip to “Legoland”. Hahaha… She said that Legoland is suitable for toddlers. The rides are for toddlers and they will enjoy them. By the time we visit, Aloysius will be a toddler already. Most probably we will visit Legoland :).


Anonymous Wesley's mummy said...

Australia is generally quite baby friendly. Food is not hard to find. Wesley also had 2 food jars throughout the whole trip, the rest of the time I prepared porridge and packed in thermal jar to go.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 9:48:00 PM  

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