Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yesterday was Aloysius’ birthday. He’s exactly one year old :) He woke up with big smiles and laughter to make people around him so happy. He was a very happy boy yesterday. He explored with his Littletouch Leappad first thing in the morning. Then played with his toy musical instruments, and the other toys. He loves to hold on to the laundry basket for support to walk. So we have converted the laundry basket to be his toys basket.

In the evening, I got him changed into his new clothes and new pair of Collettee shoes. He looked so cute and handsome :) And we went to Orchard to meet his daddy. We decided to go for a meal at Hard Rock Café. Along the way there, Aloysius wanted me to carry him. He was a very curious baby, always looking around, and looking at people. We arrived HRC at about 6.15pm, so there’re not many people. The waiters and waitresses were rather free to play with Aloysius and keep him entertained, while I feed him his porridge. Hahaha… He was very happy there. He finished up his porridge very fast. Aloysius had a free sundae cos it’s his birthday, and a photoshoot :) It was very nice…

After dinner, we went to Guess Kids at Forum to have a look at their sales. In the end, we only bought a pair of jeans for Aloysius :) We took a cab home. His daddy gotta do some work from home, and I was not feeling very well, so we went home earlier and skipped the shopping.

Aloysius’ development
Many will ask: Can he walk yet? He cannot walk independently yet. He will hold on to something, or my legs to walk. He prefers to creep though. He can creep very fast now. He’s an active boy. He’s now an expert in picking up and feeding himself with small pieces of food or things using his thumb and pointer fingers. I will let him practice his fingers skills when feeding him Vitality Plus. Sometimes, I used Vitality Plus to play ESP games with him too :) He loves Vitality Plus, so that will keep him very interested. Hahaha… Aloysius has been “talking” to himself, his toys, his books, and of course, me, my hubby, my mum, and others. He sounds very cute in his baby language. He will also call out to people by saying “ai”. When he wants me to carry, he will say “ma ma ma”. I have been teaching him to say “ma ma bao” when he wants to be carried. He can say “aunty” and “jie jie” too, but that will depend on his mood whether he wanna call. Aloysius knows how to take the drumstick and hit the drum or his wooden xylophone. He loves to climb on the coffee table or the sofa, and down on his own. Sometimes, when he feels like it, he will get down from my bed himself. My bed is quite high, but I am not worried that he will fall now, cos he now knows how to get down.

We are continuing with his Shichida lesson. It will be a commitment for at least two years. We have paid for the next two terms. His Shichida lesson is getting better. He’s starting to be interested in the finger training portion. He really loves the flashcards and songs segment.

Ok, that's all for now... I need to get back to my work and get writing again... Later all... :)


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