Thursday, July 26, 2007

First lesson at JG.

Today was the first lesson of the term for Julia Gabriel for Aloysius. Me and my mum brought Aloysius there. We have opted for twice a week (Tues, Thurs) 1pm classes for the rest of the term at Forum. It will be the sixth week of the term. There will be 5 more weeks of lesson for Aloysius. His teacher is Lin. Today, Aloysius had 6 other classmates. He took a while to warm up to the class and he loved the snack.
He was the last to finish his organic brown rice crisps before we made our way to the playground. He rode on the Little Tikes car which we were eyeing on at Aprisin. I pushed him around, and he loved it :) He played on the sand for a little while and realized that he dun really like the feeling of having sand on his hand. Hahaha…

The last segment of the session is music time. Another teacher came into the class and played with the keyboard while the rest sing. After bubble time (the finale), the kids were allowed to have a play on the keyboard :) Aloysius loved it!

After his JG class, it was raining heavily. Hence, we brought Aloysius to Hard Rock Café for our lunch. I was impressed that there’s someone from the restaurant with umbrellas, waiting and servicing their patrons :). Aloysius was very hungry and had his porridge, and we had our meals. There was an Indian waiter there who wanted to play with Aloysius. However, Aloysius cried when he saw the Indian waiter. He’s scared of him. Hahaha… Aloysius hid himself with the table cloth when the Indian guy walked pass. It’s really cute to see him hiding with the table cloth, covering his eyes. I dun really know why Aloysius is scared of Indian guy. We did not scare him.


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