Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Now taking a breather since my ABC are asleep. I will be going to hospital again in the afternoon after feeding Aloysius. For the past two days, we have been out the whole day. It was very tiring. Lucky my MIL could take leave to help me with the gals and the maid at home. Else I gotta bring all of them to the hospital.

I was very worried for my dad the day before. I gave him a big, big hug before I left the hospital the night before the surgery. The emotional me cried a little. When Aloysius saw my tears, he looked at me and called “mama”. I think he knew I was sad, and he’s trying to comfort me. His surgery was scheduled at 8am, and it’s impossible for me to reach the hospital before that.

The surgeon told us that my dad’s condition was stable after the surgery. Then, we waited eagerly to see him. It took quite a while before he was wheeled to the CCU from the operating theatre. I saw dad first with all the pipes while the nurses and doctor were setting up the equipment. I saw him with lots of pipes all over. I felt the pain and cried a little :p After that peep, I dare not see anymore. I met his surgeon again at the corridor after lunch. The surgeon told me to go home and rest, and my dad was mildly sedated. Dad looked much better after the pipe to the lungs was taken out at about 4pm. He could speak a little softly. My dad is recovering pretty fast according to the nurse. Some people will still have the pipe to the lungs. Maybe the Indinine he took did help? I persuaded him to take 10 Indinine before the surgery. I told him that I rather spend "small money" than "big money" for complications. Initially, I wanted him to take 20 Indinine.

Patients in the CCU look scary to me with all the big, big pipes and wiring everywhere the body. Gosh... I will be going to visit dad again later this afternoon after Aloysius wakes up from his nap and finishes his lunch.