Sunday, May 18, 2008

I missed my hubby very much :( Sobs… He’s now in Thailand for reservist. It’s 9 more days before he comes back. So far, we are coping well. We are lucky to have chosen a good maid. She learns things very fast and met up to my expectations. At least, I have someone to clean the home and do the laundry. And also help me to carry Bernice and Charlene at times. She will bath them in the morning too. That leaves me more time with Aloysius. I sit down with him to flip his books, and play with puzzles with him. I finally have some time to make some new flashcards :). The maid will cook for us too. I am not fussy about food though. As long as I can still swallow, it’s fine for me. I just showed her once or twice. Now, I just take out the vegetables that I want to eat and she will cook for me. As for communication, I am giving her time to learn. So far, I am happy cos we can still communicate what I want her to do. I am just worried that she will go crazy if she cannot communicate in the long run. On and off, I will ask her if everything is ok. I am glad that she will tell me that she dunno if she dunno what I was telling her.

Today, I brought Aloysius for his Shichida class. It was much better. We arrived very early :). I had a chat with teacher Jane. I realized that one of his classmate actually just started attending SM. I am not sure about the other 2 classmates. I suspect they are new to SM too. It’s no wonder they are not very settled and can be quite distracting. Nevertheless, Aloysius was a very good boy today. He was settled and can do the activities for the first one hour. It was much better compared to the last lesson. At least, there’s no more distraction from the titbits munching and toys that can make sound.

Last Friday, I took the courage to bring my ABC out together with the maid. It went pretty well though. Phew… We went to Changi Beach Club for sand play, swimming, lunch and chill out. Aloysius enjoyed himself very much. We went with 4 other toddlers around Aloysius’ age and their mommies. He was very happy. I was surprised that he’s very willing to play on the sand and with the sand. He enjoyed building sandcastle too. Probably he has been reading about sandcastle in his book lately. While we were having our delicious and sumptuous lunch, the toddlers enjoyed themselves very much, running around in the restaurant. We reached home at about 7pm. Aloysius fell asleep in the car and continued to sleep till the next morning. He did not eat his dinner. Hmm… Aloysius ate white bread that I don’t allow him to eat :(.

Charlene started to cough after the outing. I woke up at 2am to feed her some Indinine. Her cough got worse in the morning. I had no time to feed her more Indinine cos I was rushing out to accompany my dad to see his cardiac surgeon. While out, I got a call that Charlene was running a temperature. I was worried cos she’s still very young. Luckily it was a false alarm when I got home. But she was coughing quite frequently. My mum fed her more Indinine cos I was busy. She was fed Indinine a few times. Luckily her cough subsided after one day of Indinine :)

I gonna be busy next week. My dad will be admitted at Mt. E for a week for heart bypass. Probably will get Aloysius to ask my dad to take more Indinine before the surgery. I will be having some relatives staying over at my place.

Okie dokie… Gotta go to bed already. Later all…


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