Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hi Blogger!

I have been very busy to update here. Hope you have been keeping well. What have I been up to? You must be wondering… Things are getting better now...

Well, first of all, my ABC and my business are keeping me very busy. Sometimes, I do not even have time just to press the “ON” button on my laptop. The time for going to the toilet to do my business, be it small or big, I gotta cherish the time. Hahaha… I will bring my phone to the toilet to sms or make phone calls :P Sometimes, within the short time in the toilet, I will close a deal :) Good, rite? It’s certainly super good for me. With money coming in, and being able to spend time with my ABC, it’s certainly the best for me now.

Lately, Bernice and Charlene are sleeping less. They will be awake most of the time during the day time. It could be time for another maid. Or some help from somewhere. I can see my clothes piling up, washed but not ironed. Hmm… handling two maids in a home need some management skill ya? That’s what I heard from my friends with two to three maids. Sometimes they will have argument, you know.

I made my maid cry… It was her birthday yesterday. We brought her out for a nice dinner. Then after dinner, we bought her a fruit cake from Crystal Jade. And then we gave her a $10 phonecard for her to call home. She was touched when we sang her a birthday song too :). Aloysius enjoyed putting the candle on the cake, cutting and sampling the cake.

Ok back to my kids. Apart from being busy with business, I am also busy with ABC. Flashcards sessions and other stimulation activities never stop :) Or rather, these sessions cannot stop. I am very wary of that.

At five months, Bernice and Charlene are crawling (I am using crawling and creeping according to Glen Doman’s definition.) with their heads buried in the mattress. Hahaha… At 4.5 months, Bernice was 6.8kg and Charlene was 7.8kg. They are still on total breastfeeding. I will bring them out almost wherever I go. When I go for business meetings and seminars, they will be with me too :) Of course, with the help of my maid. Who knows, maybe next time, they will also be a world class speaker. They have been listening to world class speakers since they were in my tummy :) Good eh?

…Charlene can crawl backwards now too. The only thing I am worried is Charlene will start to creep before crawling. She’s strong enough to lift herself up high with her hands and legs now, though separately – both legs or both hands. She can get up holding on to my fingers from sleeping position to standing and to hanging in the air for 5 seconds. Charlene can flip in both directions now.

…Bernice is an expert in grabbing things in front of her and put straight into her mouth. It’s a milestone reached. She can get up holding on to my fingers from sleeping position to standing and to hanging in the air for 10 seconds now. Both Bernice and Charlene love hanging in the air. They will chuckle while hanging. It’s quite amusing. Bernice is very agile. She’s crawling everywhere on my bed when sleeping. The first time she landed on the cold hard marble floor from the mattress on the floor, she knocked her face on the floor. But now, she learnt that it will hurt when she does that.

…Aloysius is almost toilet trained. He can hold his bladder longer now. I gotta bring him to the toilet to urine every half an hour to an hour. He will do his big business on the toilet bowl most of the time. He’s into the “no. no, no” stage. What I do now is to give him alternatives. Some people call it “alternate closing”. Hahaha… I learnt this from the seminars that I attended. For example, when he does not want to eat, I will ask him “Do you want mommy to feed or aunty to feed?” Usually, he will want mommy to feed and he will eat. It’s useless to ask “Do you want to eat?” Do you see the difference? Another example, when going to the toilet, I will ask “Do you want mommy or aunty to bring you to the toilet?” No matter which answer he gives, he will have to go to the toilet. Sometimes, he’s getting smarter, he refused to answer me. Hahaha… Strategy gotta change soon. For now, I just need to ask a few times and wait for a few seconds and he will answer. Another thing I learnt from seminars :) So far, most of the seminars that I have attended, the speakers are parents themselves :)

Oh yes… let me tell you about mosquitoes bites…

As some of you know, we have been going to JB very often. Twice, Aloysius had very big and many mosquitoes bites. I think his skin is not very good, hence a big reaction to mosquitoes bites. He will get very big, swollen and red bump. There’s once when he got 3 big bumps on his neck. “Love bites” from mosquitoes ya? Hahaha… It was so obvious that everyone asked me what happen to his neck. It looks like some red growth or tumor. Then, I just tried using my bar. My bar is skin health product, hence logically should be able to help in repairing that mosquitoes bites area. Hee… I am an engineer, a very logical person. After one use, Aloysius stopped scratching and it’s not so red and obvious anymore. Thank goodness, else there will be ugly scars due to the scratching. Imagine 3 big scars on the neck. Ugly rite? On top of that, discomfort for him due to the itchiness. Then I continued to apply my bar on him 3 times in a day for the first day. Lazy mommy here subsequently applied it on him during his shower once a day. By the 3rd day, the bumps are completely gone! Amazing, isn’t it? I should have taken a photo of the bites to prove. But “kan cheong” mommy me forgotten about that when I see him with so many mosquitoes bites and kept scratching. Taking a photo of that was the last thing in my mind. Hee… Maybe next time, if he still gets mosquitoes bites, I will try to remember to capture a picture to show ya?

Oh yes… Apart from mosquitoes bites… My bar also helped one of my business partners in his eczema. He got really bad eczema, one of the worse that I have seen so far. Plus it’s on the face with 2 big, red bumps! It’s that kind of wet type, not dry type of eczema. He trusted me and started using the bar. He’s in search for a miracle for his eczema condition. He’s an insurance agent and he needs a bit of good looks to meet his clients. He used the bar for his whole body. During the first week of using the bar, the 2 big bumps on his face started to have some liquid oozing out. My sis convinced him to continue to use the bar. He used it religiously. After the liquid oozing episode, the redness was gone! Now, after using for more than 2 weeks, the bumps started to subside! Wow! He was in awe… He had this problem for years. And within 2 weeks, the eczema condition started to improve leaps and bounds. Or rather, the eczema condition improved leaps and bounds already just within 2 weeks! He’s now a walking testimonial and he no need to sell the bars. The bar sells on it’s own. And he’s attracting lots of business people into distributing and retailing this miracle bar. He calls it a miracle bar. After the ooze ooze… the bump got smaller and now smooth skin. Good, ain’t it? I am totally sold by him than me selling to him too! And his face got lifted too. He’s into 50. He’s looking better and younger by the weeks.

Ok gotta go… Hoping to go to the zoo today when the rain stops…


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