Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Aloysius' meals at 10 months.

The above picture is Aloysius’ millet porridge with spinach, wolfberries, sweet potato, wakame seaweed.

This is his typical daily meals schedule.

Wakes up 8.30am Fruit
Breakfast 9am Oatmeal porridge
Lunch 12pm Mashed potato with vegetables
Tea-Break 3.30pm Oatmeal porridge
Dinner 6pm Millet porridge with vegetables
Milk 9pm – 6am I dunno how much milk cos I breastfeed :p

Aloysius will get his “fingers training” and “self-feeding training” in the morning with his fruits. He loves grapes and plums very much. Not too much of strawberry though. He loves blueberries like his mommy too, but it’s not in season now. I will give him some grapes in his bowl and put him on his high chair to let him feed himself. The little explorer him, will feed himself, and also play with the food and bowl. I will have to help him to pick up his fruit or bowl from the floor or around him. Hahaha… He can self feed himself for good half an hour. I will have time to prepare his oatmeal porridge and soak the vegetables for his lunch in KV6 water.

Aloysius also loves Vitality plus a lot. Vitality plus is an organic “whole food” which he has been taking since birth, or rather since he was in my tummy. Before his daddy goes to work, when he’s awake already, his daddy will feed him 3-5 Vitality Plus. 1 is not enough and he will scream for more! “ah ah ah”… He will bite them with his sharp teeth though. Vitality Plus is good for both his mental and physical development since it’s a whole food. Apart from being organic, I chose Vitality plus because it has lots of calcium and iron, which are important for his development at this stage. Sometimes, I will give him a treat to some Indinine. He loves the Indinine most! My dear Aloysius really knows what is the best!

For his oatmeal porridge, I will add some lecithin granules and/or wheatgerm and/or black sesame seeds powder. Lecithin and wheatgerm are recommended by Mrs. Khoo from Shichida Method. Prof Shichida also has a book on the goodness of lecithin. Black sesame seeds is very high in calcium and other nutrients. I buy black sesame seeds and blend into powder myself. At least I know how it’s processed. Aloysius also loves to taste the lecithin granules. It has a nice after taste which I also like. I will take one teaspoon of lecithin in the morning sometimes. Lecithin is very good for us too. There are many benefits which were written in Shichida’s book on lecithin. If I have the time, I will write on the summary of the book.

For Aloysius’ vegetables, I try to have 6 types of vegetables and 5 colors. Different colors of vegetables contain different kind of nutrients for different parts of the body. I have yet to introduce legumes/pulses/nuts. I just bought a recipe book for legumes and pulses :) I shall try the recipe for myself first…

Sample recipe:

Oatmeal Porridge:

2 tablespoon of rolled oats

Add the rolled oats into the water and boil till the oats are soft.
I will let the oatmeal cool a little, then sprinkle some lecithin and wheatgerm. Lecithin and wheatgerm are very good for baby's brain development, immunity, physical growth, etc.

Mashed potato with vegetables:

2 small sized potato
1 handful of spinach
1 small slice of pumpkin

Steam the potato, spinach and pumpkin. Then mash.
Potato has very good nutrients required for baby’s growth.

Millet porridge with vegetables:

2 tablespoon of millet
1 handful of broccoli florets
1 small slice sweet potato (cubed)
2 pieces of wakame seaweed

Soak the millet for an hour so that it will be cooked faster. Boil the millet and all the vegetables for 20 minutes over medium fire.
Millet goes well with tomato and pumpkin too :)


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