Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meeting with CEO.

Last Monday, I had an opportunity to meet the CEO of WBG, Nicholas, at his house in Kembangan. I brought Aloysius along so that he can absorb some tips on doing business when we chat. hahaha... KS hor? ;)

Nicholas has a very cosy and homely house. The atmosphere is relaxing and calming. I noticed that he has several small water fountains around his house. His neighbours include several ministers and ex-ministers. I was like “wah”. I was very impressed with his sons and daughter. Both his sons are in the medical school. At the age of 5 years old, his daughter already visited 10 countries. How I wish I can give that type of exposure to Aloysius too. I need to give Aloysius that too, cos it’s an exposure to the world. This is very important in nurturing a child. Hmm… Shichida mentioned about exposure and going out everywhere in one of his book too. I really need to work harder to provide Aloysius with more exposure and my future kids too.

His daughter is only in the lower primary, and she has very matured thoughts and a very confident child. When you see her, you can feel that she’s a child full of loves. He told us a story of his daughter selling hand-picked apples from Australia outside his house at the age of 5 years old, without his knowledge! We were like “WOW”! His daughter has very big ambition. Her first choice is to be the President, second is Prime Minister, third is Deputy Prime Minister. I had forgotten the fourth and fifth, but her last and sixth is the wife of the President. She has great ambition, haven’t she? When I was a child, I had never thought of an ambition. We really had a different environment, different exposure. I need to provide Aloysius with more of this type of environment. I dunno if you do agree with me that we are what we are due to our environment, unless we are determined to change it.

We chat about the importance of network too. I was asked, “If your child missed by a few marks in PSLE to get into his dream school, will you be able to make a donation to get him in? Or will it be easier to get in through network?” hmm… What do you think? After my experience of trying hard to get my 3 nephews into a Primary school early this year, I think money is nothing in top schools now. Donation for a place in a top school is already history. Network will get the child in. My nephews got into primary schools here through network too. I think I will really need to stay in a “good network” for my future generation. I will need to make a change myself. Inverted commas for good network, cos we might have a different definition of “good network”. I am glad that I found WBG too. It has given me health, wealth, and certainly a very different network which I will need for my kids. And of course, lots of fun and a superb learning place to improve and upgrade myself together with my hubby and Aloysius. Anyway, Nicholas helped a few kids into ACS through his network this year. Mind you, this year’s intake for P1 is the popular year of Dragon.

We talked about “WEALTH”. What is “wealth” to you? Pause for a while and think for yourself.
“Wealth” in inverted commas cos we might have a very different definitions, and we define our own. I am starting to re-define my definition of “wealth”. To me now, apart from monetary wealth, I gotta provide wealth to the blood. Nicholas shared with us what is his definition of wealth. He told us that monetary wealth, wealth in properties, his children have more than enough. Someone saying that he owns 20 properties is an insult to him. However, it’s the mindset and network that he’s building for his future generations. For example, he’s sending his daughter to MindChamps to pump in wealth into the blood. He commented that I am pumping wealth into the blood too by sending Aloysius for classes at a young age. Haha…something positive about what I am doing, eh? And most importantly, we are giving wealth into the blood. It’s a little bit to describe what is wealth in the blood. Hope I haven’t confused you.

We chatted till about 11pm. He gave my sister several very useful tips for her wedding planning business. His advice to her is “be a wedding planner of wedding planners”. Hmm… chim hor? Really not easy to achieve that though, but that’s where wealth will be. Imagine, his barber who used to cut hair for many people in a small little shop, and lots of people queued for their haircuts by this barber. He gave his barber suggestions on his business, now his barber drives a Jaguar. Wow, ain’t it?

I think I better stop here. Else, I can write and write lots all the impressive things from the meeting with Nicholas. We chatted about success of other people, mindset, business and investment too. I better spend some more time to nurture Aloysius. Lastly, do take your health as your priority. That’s the number one priority in many very successful people around the world. Stay healthy and happy :) Do you need to be healthy? Or do you want to be healthy? Need and want are different. Later all…


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