Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I am so happy now :) I just received an email from a good friend that her “auntie” came without any medications. She was on medications for her menses to come monthly since her secondary school days. She tried TCM, and many other treatments before. She’s reaching the big 3 very very soon. And she has been trying to conceive for a few years already. I shared my knowledge and experience in health and the products which I have with her, monitor her diet a little through emails (cos she’s in far away America), gave her some pointers here and there, and she followed. She successfully went through a full juicing program that I gave her, and even extended the program on her own :) She’s very determined and disciplined, isn’t it? Initially, I was very worried that she might not succeed in following through the program, cos she’s so far away, and communication is limited. My sis also helped to encourage her along the way. I am very happy that her health is improving :) Loads of baby dusts to her :) May the stork visit her soon…


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