Monday, October 01, 2007

Term break...

Last weekend was the term break for Shichida Method class. We went to JB for the weekend. Aloysius was happy exploring the switches on the amplifier, and making sure the fans were switched on. He would go in front of the switch and go “bao bao”, wanting us to carry him to reach the switch to switch on the fans. He also enjoyed playing on the piano.

We wanted to bring him to the waterfall at Kota Tinggi. However, after our lunch at about 3pm, we realized that it’s not really worth going since the entrance fee is pretty high. It’s RM9 per person. Maybe next time we will make a trip there in the morning. Instead, we went to the waterfall at Pulai. Aloysius was very skeptical of the cold water. We only stayed there for a while since there’s lots of mosquitoes there.

Aloysius surprised us with more “words”. He’s “talking” non-stop now. He started to talk and bend his body. Hahaha… It’s really cute to watch him “talk” now. His most recent vocabulary is “nana” for banana. He also knows “no no no no no…” with signing no with his fingers. Hahaha…


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