Thursday, November 29, 2007

Aloysius' shower time.

Aloysius had been crying very hard when it’s shower time since we came back from KL. When we were at our relative’s place, the shower room made noises when the shower was turned on. Aloysius was very afraid. Despite that, I still showered him. I think I had hurt him some how. He had been crying during shower for a week. He stopped till I followed what Shichida mentioned in his book. I apologized to him when I was giving him a shower. I told him that mama is sorry if mama has hurt you during your shower. I asked him for his forgiveness. It worked immediately! I was amazed! He not only did not cry in his shower, his love playing with the pail of water is back. He played with the toys and water for another hour, and now I have difficulty to convince him to get out after shower. Hope this mini-story will help some parents out there to deal with some problems with their toddlers.

Oh yes... I am having some challenges with potty training. I just bought a book from Borders this evening :) Or rather yesterday evening. Prof. Shichida haven't gone into the details of potty training in his books. I only know that it's a respect to potty train our child. Later all... I am going to sleep already. My twins are kicking me, probably rushing me to bed...


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