Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Finally finally… finally got a chance to sit down in front of my laptop in peace and have some time for myself to write something. Aloysius simply loves my laptop. And nowadays, he’s climbing up the dining table. This morning, he had two bites of the portugese egg tart which my sis bought from Macau. I climbed onto the dining table again while I went to the toilet. But he’s so cute and was babbling to me like telling me that it tasted so good. Hahaha…

Let me recall anything interesting for the past weeks. We went to Sentosa with 7 other toddlers of Aloysius’ age. It was a very fun and interesting day out. When we reached there, 4 toddlers decided to have their nap. It was great for the mommies to have a chat while they were sleeping :). We had our lunch at Rasa Sentosa, then play time for them at the hotel’s play area. The trip ended with a swim in the pool. Not many photos were captured, cos everyone was busy handling their active toddlers.

We also went to Botanical Gardens with Gabrielle and Xander. We found a big, shady area and had a picnic there. I brought some fruits and bread for the toddlers. I found bread without preservatives, sugar and salt from cold storage :). Aloysius loves bread very much. Perhaps, he wants something with a different texture from his normal oatmeal and porridge. He had two slices of the bread. The toddlers also enjoyed chasing and kicking after the ball down a slope. And the mommies also had a great morning workout chasing after them. The toddlers decided to fall asleep at the same time after all the playing :). It was a great morning out at the Botanical Garden. We had lunch at Crystal Jade Palace at Takashimaya after that, then books shopping at Kinokuniya. 2 other toddlers joined in the Kinokuniya shopping. Hmm… it’s indeed not easy to select books with the toddlers around. I only bought 1 storybook for Aloysius, and 2 books on health for myself. Kekeke… I have been waiting for sale to get these health books. One is “What your doctor don’t know about nutritional medicine that might be killing you”, and “Seven pillars of health”. These books are written by qualified doctors, and they are quite an interesting read. If I have the time, maybe I will write about the tips I get from these books as I read along :).

Oh yes, last week, I went for the 13th week detailed scan :). Both babies are growing very well and about the same size. I think for twin pregnancy, it’s very important to monitor the size of both babies. One cannot be too big than the other. Their development are on par with each other, and in line with the predicted EDD.


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