Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An amazing baby and mommy!

Last Friday, when I was on my way to Orchard to meet my hubby for lunch and then to Gleneagles to see my gynae, I met an amazing mother with her son on the MRT :). The mother has quit her job just to look after her son. The boy was 13 months old and was rather big size. The mother told me that her son is a vegan. Wow! She has also changed her diet due to her health and pregnancy. She’s a very determined and disciplined woman. She ate only raw vegetables and fruits during her pregnancy, and drank a lot of fresh juices too. I did that for breakfast and lunch when I was pregnant with Aloysius. When my weight got a bit too high, I took 2 cups of carrots and green apple juice in the morning, sometimes added with beetroot and lemon, and my weight was in check. I did not drink as much as she did. She drank the juices 3 to 4 times a day! The juice base is carrot too. Her son was very healthy at birth, and was not jaundiced at all. Aloysius was slightly jaundiced for a few days. She had a lot of breastmilk too. She also read that people with a vegetarian diet will have lots of milk. When I say vegetarian diet, I mean diet with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, not those deep fried vegetarian stuffs nor the highly processed food. I really admire her that she can eat all the vegetables raw. Her son, is eating raw vegetables and fruits now too. When I read Dr. Bernard Jensen’s book, he also recommended eating raw vegetables because of the nutrients and minerals. The best is to eat the vegetables and fruits plucked from the trees immediately. But that’s not possible in Singapore. She spends $200 a week on vegetables and fruits alone for a family of 3. That’s indeed a lot to me, cos I dun spend that much on vegetables and fruits per week. Oh yes, her son haven’t taken anything with salt and sugar too. Aloysius too :)

As we walked and chatted, she’s also like me, suffered from two miscarriages before she decided to change her and her hubby’s diet. The meet-up is kind of like God-send to remind me to watch I eat! We have several similarities. She’s also an engineer. And she’s my hubby’s schoolmate, same year, same batch, next class only. What a coincidence! She’s also facing pressure and criticism about her son’s diet, and the upbringing. She believes in it’s fine to shower her son with water at our room temperature. Sometimes, I did that for Aloysius too :). The basis for having shower in “cold” water is so that the kid will not fall sick easily. It’s kinda true for me, and it’s true for her too. Oh yes, I think she’s well read cos she was reading while on the MRT, and had a few books in her Quinny.

We had a very nice chat and walk to Tanglin Mall. After chatting with her, I am inspired again to start all my juices and be stricter with my vegetarian diet again. It’s time to review my diet so far. It’s not as good as when I was pregnant with Aloysius. Sometimes, I had cravings for meat and I succumbed to it this time :(. I had some deep fried food here and there too, which I did not take any when pregnant with Aloysius. I wonder if it’s because I did not do a proper detox before the pregnancy, which I did before having Aloysius. I gotta be more disciplined for the health of my twins from now. I will take the effort to buy the carrots and green apples for my juices, and make the juice daily.


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