Monday, May 12, 2008

Yesterday, I went for Shichida class with Aloysius. It’s my first time for this term. We have 3 new classmates. Hmm… it did not go well for me. I was pretty stressed up and exhausted after the lesson. I gotta feed the gals before we left home, and rushed there in a cab. We reached there on time, but to find a long, long queue at the door to measure temperature. After that, I realized the classroom is changed. My hubby did not tell me there’s a change in classroom. And I could not find anyone at the reception to help me to check which classroom I should go to. It took a while there too. When we reached the class, I was already quite upset cos we were rather late. We were not settled. Aloysius keep climbing on the chair. Even during his favourite flashcards and sawako sessions, he was distracted. His classmate beside us kept eating sweets almost throughout the lesson. And she has got a toy gun that can make sound. At the end of the lesson, I was already exhausted. I think somehow Aloysius knew I was not in a very good mood. He was a good boy. He walked all the way to the MRT. On the train, I teared and the tears rolled down my cheeks. I was very sad how come I do not understand my Aloysius anymore. Aloysius kept calling me “mama” and looked at my teary eyes. He knew I was sad. I gave him a hug. He continued to walk on his own when we got down the train. Usually, he will want me to carry him all the way. He walked till he almost tripped on the uneven pavement, and asked me to carry him home. So pitiful hor? Perhaps his legs are tired already. He had never walked so far.

During this lesson, we were given the reconfirmation letter for next term. If we want to withdraw, we can write in before 25 May. I was rather negative after the lesson and thought that if it’s so stressful, I might as well withdraw him from SM. Being stressed up and upset is not doing any good to both of us, and will not be good in the long run. Learning should be in a relaxed environment. I am also stressed up at home trying to do the homework. Come to think of it, I really enjoyed his lesson at Julia Gabriel.


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