Thursday, August 02, 2007

3rd Lesson at JG.

It was a little bit rush for us. It was like rushing the whole morning for me. There are lots of things to do. Aloysius napped and woke up when we reached Forum. I went to MacDonalds to get some hot water to make him some milk just before the class. He was hungry. His porridge was too hot to feed him. After his milk, we went for class. He was very at home in class. hahaha... He loves to ride on the red duck and pretend to fall everytime :) In this lesson, Aloysius seems to have a "rival", Jodith. hahaha... Both of them dun seem to be able to click. Aloysius wanted the toys she's playing, and vice versa. Even in the playground. So cute... This lesson, they were given apple sauce to feed themselves. I realised how well Aloysius can feed himself! I was surprised. At home, I gave him apportunities to feed himself using the spoon and his bowl, and everytime I need to help him to scoop the porridge and ended up with lots of mess. I guess it's the spoon that matters :) I will go and get the similar spoon for his self-feeding at home :) Have anyone of you saw this spoon anywhere? Let me know, ya? Thank you in advance... :)


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