Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My twins.

Last Friday, I went for a detailed scan at Gleneagles X-ray department. Both of them are growing very well. One is 495g and the other one is 540g. The difference is not too far :). The scan took 1.5 hours. It was a pretty long one. The sonographer scanned the first one, then went on to the second one after she finished the first baby. I could see them during the scan. They seem to have high noses. Both of them are girls :). Exciting, eh? I am growing pretty fast and big already. Sometimes, can feel very breathless. Doc asked me to start lying on bed to rest! So fast!? Hahaha…. Dun think I can just sleep the whole day long. My girls have been kicking me actively inside.

I really gotta try to do more for both of them. I have to watch my diet more, and drink more fresh juices. And do the "tai jiao". I haven't thought of a dream for them though. So far, whenever I have the chance, I will try to imagine to make energy balls and send to them :)


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