Friday, April 25, 2008

Inaugaral outing with ABC!

Yesterday was Bernice’s and Charlene’s first outing, together with Aloysius. We went to Mt. E to see a cardiac surgeon for my dad. There were 6 adults handling my ABC :). All of us went into the consultation room. As usual, Aloysius was very curious. There’s a wash hand basin in the consultation room, he wanted to wash his hands. There’s a fish tank with a few goldfishes which kept him amazed for a while, while we discussed with the doctor. The doctor was very patient and attention. He made us feel very comfortable with him. During the discussion, Bernice wanted milk. I breastfed her for a while. Aloysius walked around the consultation room. When we were done with the questions that we wanted to clarify, Charlene wanted milk. I latch her on in the sling. After talking to the nurse, we went for lunch at Paragon. I carried Charlene and my hubby carried Bernice while we ate. My mum fed Aloysius. After lunch, Aloysius went for lesson at Julia Gabriel with his daddy and the rest went home :). It was quite an easy outing though :) Maybe next time we will venture out longer with them. Some how, I think we will need a car already.


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