Sunday, April 06, 2008

Arrival of the twins!

Hello bloggers,

I would like to announce the arrival of my twin gals on 26 Mar '08 - Bernice and Charlene! They are both very healthy and 11 days old now.

Here's my long long long story...
I went for my weekly check-up after attending Julia Gabriel class with Aloysius. My blood pressure went up to a "dangerous" level. It has been going up for the last 2 weeks since Aloysius fell sick and I also got the flu virus from him. Everyone was sick in the family. I gotta look after Aloysius on my own too, cos my mum went for a tour at that time. It was indeed quite a tiring and stressful few weeks. hmm... Doc prescribed medication for me to lower the blood pressure, but I did not take them :P. After the check-up, doc wanted me to get admitted for blood pressure monitoring through the night, and c-section the next day at 4.30pm. We were not really prepared. The twins were only 36+ weeks, Aloysius was still having cough, and I was still coughing too. Doc said the risk of me getting pneumonia is lesser than the lives of the twins. If my blood pressure do go above 150/100mmHg, even if it's midnight, Dr. Chew will have to perform the c-section to take them out immediately. I was like... wah... that serious ah... When I was admitted, my blood pressure hovers around 145/95mmHg. I waited a few hours for my sis to arrive with Indinine and Vplus. I started to take 2 Indinine and a handful of Vplus every two hours. Let me tell you... Indinine and Vplus worked! In the morning, my blood pressure went down to normal around 110/70mmHg. I was hoping to be discharged and postpone the c-section when doc came in the morning. But he did not want me to take the risk. So c-section still scheduled at 4.30pm on 26 Mar 08, after my doc finished his meeting.
Tell you a secret... kekeke... Dun scold me also ok? Promise? hahaha... I was prescribed stronger pills for lowering the blood pressure to take for the night. I did not consume any! hee... I thought, well, I was already hospitalised, and doc was prepared to deliver my babies anytime, so just take Indinine and Vplus :) Indinine can help in lessening the pain in post surgery too. I had taken lots of medications for this pregnancy as compared to when I was pregnant with Aloysius. I felt like a drug addict at some point that I had to take Ventolin religiously to prevent premature contractions. When I got busy with things and with Aloysius, I get frequent contractions which I gotta take Ventolin to make them subside.
The wait was very boring. I wanted to go for a walk, but was forbidden to get down the bed, just in case my blood pressure shoot up again :(. Sobs... Cannot go "pak tor" with hubby. But at least I still can go for a nice and warm shower :) I was suppose to stop eating by 10am. kekeke... I continued my Indinine - 2 Indinine every 2 hours ;) I was afraid of the pain the moment I wake up after surgery. The last time, I needed the maximum dose of morphine and was on morphine drip. Even the anaesthetist thought I was a drug addict before. hahaha... hmm... yes.. I was on painkiller for years when I was still in school. Painkiller drug addict, I was.
Terence and I decided to take some photos during the wait. We were figuring out how to put on the timer to take a picture togather. hahaha... suddenly, I felt Bernice's violent kicks and punches. The next minute I know, I felt a gush of water coming out. The waterbag burst! hmm... The gals have selected the best time they wanna come out. The night before, I was telling them that doc had scheduled them to be born at 4.30pm, and if they do not like the timing, they can choose the timing by breaking the waterbag. hmm... Does "tai jiao" really work? I guess so... :) Thank you gals for telling mommy what time you wanna be born... We did not manage to capture any photos. Everything happened so fast after that. Terence went to inform the nurse. Doc wanted immediate c-section. Guess he came out from his meeting halfway... 3 nurses came to help me to clean up and get ready to go to the OT. The staffs at Gleneagles really work very fast indeed. My anaesthetist was already waiting at the door. He reminded the nurse to inform the PD to standby "becos it's twins". hmm... twins that high risk of having problems meh? My doc was the last to arrive. The twins were born within half an hour after the whole episode of the breakage of the waterbag.

This time round, I did not wake up in excruciating pain as compared to the last two surgeries. Probably it's becos I took enough Indinine before the surgery. Remember, I still took 2 every 2 hours even after I was not supposed to be eating anymore :). I only needed Pethidine painkiller instead of the morphine last time. The last time during Aloysius' birth, I only ate 4 Indinine 8 hours before the surgery, and Pethidine was not good enough. This time, it could also be because I am "healthier" internally after 2+ years of taking 2 Indinine and 80 Vplus a day. This, I must thank my hubby for paying for all these supplements for me :) I could see lots of improvement in my health from the iris scan too.

After the painkiller drip was removed, the nurses kept on tempting me to take oral painkiller, which I rejected :) I took 2 Indinine and a handful of Vplus every 3 hours for the next few days.


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