Monday, August 06, 2007


Aloysius was a very good and happy boy without me and my hubby around. When I called home yesterday, my mum told me that Aloysius was like a supervisor of the fan. I find him very cute. As usual, he explored the house and also not forgetting putting his hands on the things and bringing them down to the floor. Hahaha… There’s a ceiling fan in the living room. Aloysius would make sure that the ceiling fan is switched on. When he went into the room, my mum switched it off. And when he came out of the room and saw it switched off, he went to find my mum and told her to switch on the fan in his baby language. He did this a few times. There’s once when my mum did not want to switch it on. He went to find my dad and bring my dad to the switch and “ba ba ba ba ba” in his baby language. He’s satisfied when the fan was switched on. He found ways of communication and is improving by the days. He can call “jiu jiu” now. This morning, he called “pa4 pa” very accurately when he woke up. He can say “xie4 xie” when I gave him an apple just now. I am trying to teach him to say “thank you” instead. Every morning, he will pass motion after his morning milk feed. I will put him on his toilet seat :)

I have completed the two days seminar in Psychology of Vision togather with my hubby, my sis and future BIL :). I felt more relaxed now and more loved. Sensei Hiromi will only be back in March 08. The next POV in Singapore will be conducted by Jeff Allen in early September. Jeff is the world first POV master trainer. The next POV seminar by Sensei Hiromi will be starting on this Saturday in Tokyo. My sis is going. How I wish I can go too...

I am very blessed with a very happy and supportive family, a loving and supportive hubby, and a very cute, happy and smart Aloysius. I am so blessed and full of abundance in my family life! Throughout my life as a student, I am also very lucky. I get into the schools that I want. I got my free scholarship without much effort and went overseas :)

I learnt that the problems that I am facing now will go in cycles, even into the next generation or even the next and next and so on... There are several case studies during the seminar. Usually our wealth is hindered by our relationship with our parents. Our career advancement is hindered by our relationship with our fathers. In my previous POV workshops, I also learnt that our relationship with our mothers will affect our relationship with our husband, colleagues, and other people. Basically, it’s people relationship. We were given a homework this time. It is to give a very precious gift to our parents. What shall I give my dad and my mum?

This month of August is also a month to pay our debts. It’s a month to give to our parents and people close to us. hmm... maybe this is the month for me to finalise my thesis and go to the UK, and my graduation ceremony in Dec 07. Actually, since last week, I have been planning to go to the UK end of September 07 during SM's term break for viva voce.

Wish all of you lots of abundance!

Wish all of you lots of wealth! Wealth of knowledge, wealth in the blood, wealth in family life, monetary wealth, etc., etc...


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