Friday, August 03, 2007

My dearest Aloysius...

Aloysius is my dearest boy today. He’s happy exploring the home. Just now, my mum asked him to go to the table to drink his water, he actually walked to the table to get his water bottle and drink water! I was amazed. He knows what we are talking. This morning, I told him to wake Uncle Bok, he knew which room “Uncle Bok” is sleeping in! He walked to the door and started to knock on the door.

Yesterday, we went to JG. He was very happy during the lesson. He was happily playing with "Jia Xuan" with the toys.

He looked at the teacher attentively with his big, round eyes during story telling. Teacher Lin asked “Aloysius, blink, Aloysius.” Halfway during story telling. Hahaha… Teacher Jane at Shichida Method also commented that she’s “scared” when Aloysius stared at her during flashcards time, cos he seldom blink and looked attentively.
Then they played with cotton wool for art and craft. It was Aloysius' first time touching and playing with cotton wool. Some of the cotton wool stuck on his hands. He tried to remove them but the sticky cotton wool got transferred from one hand to the other. hahaha... The looks on him was so funny.

After art and craft was snack time. I am allowing Aloysius to taste some biscuits that the teacher gives during JG. Teacher Lin already told me the rule that we should not bring our own food, and it's good training for Aloysius to taste different food and feed himself different kinds of biscuits and food with different textures. I will just let him eat them, else he might feel so "special" in class.


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