Monday, March 24, 2008

Count down...

Now, we are counting down to the birth of our gals :). The scheduled c-section date is 29Mar08, this Saturday! Only a few more days to go though… However, Aloysius has caught a nasty flu virus, which I believe is from JG. He’s down with high fever, running nose and cough. He fell sick 3 weeks ago and took about a week to recover. The virus was passed to my mum, my dad, me, and my sis. I have not fallen so sick for ages already. I lost 2.5kg, but Dr. Chew said that it’s fine. It’s really quite a challenge and very tiring being pregnant with a big tummy and being sick, and having to look after a sick toddler. Aloysius became very clingy to me. When he rest in bed, I will need to be beside him. The moment I get up, he will get up. Even going to the toilet, I will have to tell him to give me 2 minutes. Luckily, he’s fine with that. I will be seeing Dr. Chew again tomorrow. Aloysius seems to be well again. Fingers crossed… If his fever still come and go today, I will ask Dr. Chew to postpone the C-section.

For the past 3 days, Aloysius has been surviving only on water, lots of Vplus, Indinine, coconut water and flesh. He has certainly lost some weight :(

Aloysius gave me a surprise while being sick. He was lying on the bed, and I was beside him. I thought maybe I can recite 三字经 to him. I went “人之初,性本”, and Aloysius continued “善” :). Then I went on with the whole “人之初” and let him fill in the blanks at the full stop. He got them all correct! The words just seem to come naturally to him. Of course, I was very happy. This morning, I tried again, giving him more challenge to let him fill in every third word. He got most of them correct! Wow… He’s my star! Mommy here does not even know about “三字经” till I got pregnant with him.

I tried to play with him as much as possible on the bed for the past week. I am guilty of stopping his favourite flashcards sessions for 3 weeks already. I hope I have made the right decision since I am pretty low in energy. I will use up a lot of energy during flashcards sessions, cos I gotta be energetic and enthusiastic about it in order to keep and maintain his interests.

Oh yes, we have decided on the names of our gals :) – Bernice and Charlene. It’s really interesting how I got their names. For Bernice, we were deciding among Bernice, Belle, Beatriz from a name book. As for Charlene, one fine early morning, I suddenly woke up with this name in my head. Then my hubby also likes this name, so we just settled with the name. Maybe it’s baby telling me she wanna be named Charlene :)


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