Thursday, January 03, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Happy New Year, everyone! :) I have cut down the time I spent on the internet lately. I have a different focus for the New Year :) I know and believe that 2008 will be a fruitful and fulfilling year for me. I am deeply grateful for this. Wish you, my dear friends, a fruitful, fulfilling 2008 too. Wish you abundant of wealth, health, happiness and successes. I am grateful to my dear sister for introducing me to “The Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. I am thankful that I have the perseverance to follow the 90 days wealth conditioning program. I truly believe that lucrative opportunities always come my way. I am attending “Life Directions” end of this month, and “Train the trainer” end of February. I am grateful that I can attend these courses with my twins :) These are good for “tai jiao” and certainly going to have an impact on their life during their growing up years. Of course, my hubby will be attending these with us too!

Have you thought of what are the things that you are grateful for in 2007? I am very grateful for having a super healthy, adorable, happy and smart Aloysius. He’s picking things up very fast. Sometimes, when he’s sleeping, I tell him that he will learn things very fast and will apply whatever he learns immediately. I also tell him that learning is a simple, easy, natural and a very happy journey. Learning is as simple and natural as breathing. I am grateful that I am in a positive environment, and with a group of people who believe in holistic education for their children. It’s not widely acceptable here in Singapore by the older generation. I will say this is something “new age”, or some may label it “ang mo” way. I am grateful to these people who showed me the way. Thank you very much, my dear friends.

I am deeply, deeply grateful for having a supportive husband who goes all out to support my decisions in my life directions and decisions. He also gives me lots of emotional support to calm my souls. He still pampers me like before. It’s as though we are still in courtship or honeymoon time. He gave me a surprise Christmas present :) It’s a beautiful and sweet necklace from Tiffany. Thank you very much for being my pillar of support, darling :). Thank you very much for everything. I am grateful that he’s a very dedicated daddy and an excellent playmate to Aloysius when I need some rest. And hey, he can be a nanny to Aloysius too! :)

Today was Aloysius’ inaugural lesson at Julia Gabriel playclub. He learns very fast. Today’s alphabet is “h”. He even has a stamp “h” on both of his hands. When I ask him where is “h”, he will point at the stamp on his hand. When I asked him how does “h” sound like, he will copy the teacher by putting his hands at his mouth and goes “haa haa haa”. So cute…

After Julia Gabriel class, we went to Gleneagles for routine check-up on the twins :). They are about the same size and are growing very well. One is on the left side and the other is on the right side. Doc told us “five more weeks”, but we dunno what he’s referring too. Initially, we thought “are the twins going to come out in 5 weeks’ time”. I still do not know what is the doc talking about this “5 more weeks”. When we clarified, he just said I will see you next in 3 weeks’ time, then it will be every 2 weeks subsequently. Maybe it’s 5 more weeks to reach week 30.


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